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A cheesy subject line for a cheesy post.

Today, I am going to be very random and pose a question and a challenge. They were inspired by two different people on my friends list, and I'm sure they will very quickly realise who they are.

The question: what is your favourite variety of cheese and why?

The challenge: G. K. Chesterton once said that "the poets have been mysteriously silent on the subject of cheese." Therefore, I challenge you to write poetry about CHEESE! Your favourite variety, your least favourite variety, what you like about cheese, what you hate about it, why the moon is made of cheese, anything.

So what is my personal answer? Well, my favourite variety would be this cool chedder/parmesan/mozzarella hybrid that we have here at home because you can put it on absolutely everything. It's great on pizza and lasagne, wonderful in filled rolls and sandwiches ... alright, so it probably wouldn't work in ice cream, but it's still an incredibly versatile cheese!

The Magically Appearing Planets Of Cheese

Within this universe we inhabit,
there are mysterious objects: planets
completely invisible to mankind,
revolving along their bizarre orbits
around uncertain points just to unwind.
None come in the same size; from tiny bits
to lumbering monoliths, all of cheese.
Yes, that is right, they are wholly cheese.
Invisible, yellow; they are not fleas,
they sneak across the universe to sneeze,
and sometimes, if they feel rather daring,
it's on your plate they will be appearing.

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