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A post stemming from boredom.

I am bored and have little subject matter with which to create an entry, so I am instead going to pose a question. It's been asked by people plenty of times before, but I would like to see what responses come from my friends list as you are a very diverse bunch with all kinds of opinions.

The question: why do nonsense posts so regularly receive significantly more comments than serious posts?

(Hmm ... it'll be interesting to see how many this one gets!)


I did receive some very cool bootlegs in the mail today. Mmm ... [tragically incomplete] proshot Lovetown. Edge is the coolest musician ever. I will update my trading website at some point before Christmas. Mothers Of The Disappeared from 1987-12-19 is one of the most incredible things ever, especially when you have proshot video of it. WHY was this not on Rattle And Hum? It made the rough cut! Grr.

How to get your father a Christmas present on the cheap: download Queen bootlegs.

In news just to hand, thoroughly nothing of significance has occurred in my life in the last few hours. I clearly lead the most exciting existence out of all of you. It's so thrilling that I think I'm going to sign off for now.
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