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Amak Axver and notes on former entries.

Alright, let's dig a little into the Axver vault. A few entries require resolutions.

Firstly, you voted for it: Amak Axver remains as my default icon, defeating Intellectual Tortoise. I am sure ellytoad, the brilliant artist who drew Amak, will be happy with the outcome. I thought I might write a little about Amak Axver, as many of you do not know who he is - and furthermore, some people have thought Axver's my last name. It's just an alternate one that I use online. Amak Axver burst forth from my imagination when I was seven and has featured prominently in almost everything I have written. I grew up with a love of literature and writing, and Amak was my absolute favourite creation. At various times, he has been an expression of who I would ideally like to be, the ultimate fictional hero, and initially, just one of three brothers. Quite often, I have had to hold myself back from making him too perfect and completely unrealistic. Essentially, I grew up with Amak and the world within my head was just as vivid as the real one. Indeed, it still is very vivid, even if I do not write remotely as much as I once did.

It's strange that a fictional character has come to mean so much to me. For a long time, as I aged, he aged; as I matured, he matured. I recently had to leave him behind for the sake of realism in my story, and it's strange that he will now always be sixteen. I do hope to eventually see his name in print, but for now, I am just happy to continue writing. I can't explain why I initially chose Axver to be my screen name online, but I guess I had no other ideas and I was seriously into my writing at the time. Now, I am very glad that I used it because it's such a wonderfully distinctive screen name, but problems come when I write my story. I'm online so much and I never use any screen name other than Axver (except Amak Axver on IM, which makes the following worse!), so when I come to write my story, it's very hard to separate myself from my characters.

Anyway, I'm not sure what more to say, so I am going to leave it there.

Secondly, I was a little disappointed with the turnout to this poll. I even uploaded the songs! The links will expire in a few days (they should still be working now), so be quick to download some good music and vote for what you consider to be the best of the unreleased material.

Thirdly, time to answer some trivia! At the end of an entry just over a week ago, I asked this: "Many people have noted Bono's incorrect count-in at the start of Vertigo (1, 2, 3, 14), but it is not the first time Bono has counted in incorrectly. When was the first time?" Here is the answer ...

Seconds, pick it up, two, three, four, pick it up, and two-four, pick it up, three, two-four, pick it up, one, six, seven, nine ... [further indecipherable lyrics]
- Seconds (10 June 1983, Norman, Oklahoma)

I have NO idea what was going on there. It sounds like Edge didn't have his guitar and Bono kept keeping time. But come on, 1, 6, 7, 9?

If anyone has any other examples of bad counting on Bono's behalf, I'd love to hear them.

I was going to write more, but it's starting to storm here and after recent electricity hassles, I'm paranoid of the power dying. I can't believe it's raining! We've had a good deal lately, the pool is overflowing, and it does not feel like it's summer. I must say that it feels more like a warmed up Wellington winter, which I find to be quite pleasant indeed. The longer summer stays away, the better! Of course, most people here think summer is easily the greatest season ... I haven't a clue why! I get this feeling I should move to the Antarctic for the year-round winter.

Anyhow, that's it from me for the day.

--- 9:29pm ---

... or not quite. It seems like I was onto something with my nerves about the electricity. My mother came into my room and told me to look outside. I did, and the entire Gold Coast is black. She says there was a bright flash of lightning and then suddenly everything we can see went dark. I just stood there, looking out the window in surprise. There are a few lights twinkling, presumably shopping centres with generators or something of the sort [9:43: Even they are gone now! What's going on here?], the few houses near us that I can see obviously still have power, and at the furthest south point I can see, some light can is visible in the sky [9:31: Actually, no, it's just disappeared too!], but the central part of the Gold Coast is completely black. I have never seen it like this before. It's eerie. Here's hoping everything stays working up here!

9:45: It feels like I'm the only person in the city with power. I just looked out behind me, and I can't see any lights on the hill behind me either. I was pretty sure a few house lights there were visible from my room. This is the ultimate in eerie. I keep looking out my window. Maybe I'm making a bigger deal out of this than I should, but it's really weird!

10:52: Just looked outside and there are lights! The weirdness, it would seem, is over. That was so eerie. Whole cities are not meant to go totally pitch black!
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