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Musical variety and Band Aid 20.

I am a U2 fanatic and all of you know that. Look at my current music and you will see that the vast majority of the time, it is U2. If I am listening to a song at any given time, it is safe to assume that it is U2 or in some way related to the band. Therefore, it is not a surprise that earlier today, Kate questioned my ability to design a playlist with variety. Or something like that. Regardless of whatever she said, I took it as a challenge to design a playlist with variety and without any songs played by U2.

Guess what? I did it. 193 songs. I'm too cool for round numbers, or something like that. 193 songs, and I could have included more if I had felt like it. What's more, I am going to prove it to you. I doubt anyone is remotely interested in actually reading this playlist, but I am posting it as proof of my ability to listen to a selection of non-U2 music. Recognise its existence, realise I'm not such a complete nutcase (or send me to a padded cell, I really don't mind which option you select), and ... finish this sentence for me.

(For the record, a playlist with the greatest variety would involve a quality mix of live performances from each U2 era. I drool at the thought.)

Dream Theater
1. Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence VI: Solitary Shell
2. A Mind Beside Itself II: Voices
3. A Mind Beside Itself III: The Silent Man
4. Another Day
5. Learning To Live
6. Metropolis Part I: The Miracle And The Sleeper
7. Pull Me Under
8. To Live Forever
9. This Dying Soul

Porcupine Tree
10. Blackest Eyes
11. Collapse The Light Into Earth
12. Gravity Eyelids
13. Heart Attack In A Lay-by
14. Lips Of Ashes
15. Prodigal
16. Strip The Soul
17. The Creator Has A Mastertape
18. The Sound Of Muzak
19. Trains
20. Wedding Nails

21. Clocks
22. Daylight
23. In My Place
24. The Scientist
25. Yellow

Dire Straits
26. Money For Nothing
27. Sultans Of Swing
(All of the following are live)
28. Calling Elvis
29. Walk Of Life
30. Private Investigations
31. On Every Street
32. Money For Nothing
33. Brothers In Arms

Jimmy Eat World
34. Salt Sweat Sugar
35. The Middle
36. Sweetness
37. Hear You Me
38. Get It Faster
39. My Sundown

40. The Unforgiven
41. The Unforgiven II
42. Nothing Else Matters
43. Fade To Black

Pink Floyd
44. Comfortably Numb
(The following are all live)
45. Shine On You Crazy Diamond
46. Astronomy Domine
47. What Do You Want From Me?
48. Learning To Fly
49. Keep Talking
50. Coming Back To Life
51. Hey You
52. A Great Day For Freedom
53. Sorrow
54. High Hopes
55. Another Brick In The Wall Part II
56. Brain Damage
57. Eclipse
58. Wish You Were Here
59. Comfortably Numb

60. Bohemian Rhapsody
61. Another One Bites The Dust
62. Don't Stop Me Now
63. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
64. Save Me
65. Seven Seas Of Rhye
66. We Will Rock You
67. We Are The Champions
68. A Kind Of Magic
69. Under Pressure
70. Radio Ga Ga
71. I Want It All
72. I Want To Break Free
73. Who Wants To Live Forever?
74. Headlong
75. I'm Going Slightly Mad
76. Hammer To Fall
77. The Show Must Go On
78. One Vision

The Feelers
79. Weapons Of War
80. Playground Battle
81. Fallout Shelter
82. Labyrinth

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
83. The Impression That I Get
84. The Rascal King

Crowded House
85. Weather With You
86. World Where You Live
87. Fall At Your Feet
88. Don't Dream It's Over
89. Four Seasons In One Day
90. Distant Sun
91. Mean To Me
92. Something So Strong
93. Better Be Home Soon

Split Enz
94. Six Months In A Leaky Boat
95. I See Red
96. History Never Repeats
97. I Got You

98. Schism
99. Aenema
100. Forty-six And Two
101. Stinkfist
102. Sober

103. Drive
104. Everybody Hurts
105. Ignoreland
106. Man On The Moon
107. Find The River
108. It's The End Of The World As We Know It And I Feel Fine
109. Losing My Religion
110. Orange Crush
111. What's The Frequency Kenneth?

Talking Heads
112. Once In A Lifetime
113. Psycho Killer
114. And She Was
115. Wild Wild Life

116. You My Idol
117. Just Three Words
118. Forgive Yourself

Midnight Oil
119. Blue Sky Mine
120. King Of The Mountain
121. The Power And The Passion

The Living End
122. All Torn Down
123. Prisoner Of Society
124. Roll On

Thin Lizzy
125. Whiskey In The Jar
126. The Boys Are Back In Town
127. Jailbreak

128-140. 2004-06-27, Glastonbury concert

Matchbox Twenty
141. Angry
142. If You're Gone
143. Mad Season
144. Rest Stop
145. Bent
146. Bed Of Lies
147. Back To Good
148. Real World
149. Long Day
150. 3am
151. Push

152-175. 2CD live collection

Dream Theater live covers
176. Hey You (Pink Floyd)
177. Bad (U2)
178. Red Hill Mining Town (U2)
(I say the last two are not cheating. So there.)

The Ramones
179. Endless Vacation (this song is so bloody hysterical and I want to know what they were smoking when they recorded it)
180. Beat On The Brat

Single songs
181. The Animals - House Of The Rising Sun
182. Elmer Bernstein - The Great Escape Theme
183. The Boomtown Rats - I Don't Like Mondays
184. The Clash - London Calling
185. Band Aid - Feed The World (Do They Know It's Christmastime?) [The REAL version, not that horrendous Band Aid 20 one]
186. Better Than Ezra - Desperately Wanting
187. The Alarm - Rain In The Summertime
188. Johnny Cash - One (U2 cover - Not cheating!)
189. The Police - Message In A Bottle
190. The Who - Behind Blue Eyes
191. Bruce Springsteen - Because The Night (unidentified live)
192. Metallica - No Leaf Clover (forgot to include this one above and I can't be bothered changing the count)
193. The Chills - Male Monster From The Id

I actually uploaded one song from that list, a song I love from my childhood: Split Enz - History Never Repeats. I say it's one of the best songs to have ever been made by a New Zealand band, but I am more than a little biased as this song holds a special spot in my musical heart. As a young child, I remember this song was often played on the radio while I was lying in bed, going to sleep (considering the lyrics, it seems both apt and ironic). Quite nice memories, really.

One problem is that once I compiled that playlist, I decided I would start from a random point and first went looking for U2 (wow, clever), and then when I got going, I started to get bored. No other music seems to do the same thing for me as U2's music. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy the playlist, but it's not U2. I'd prefer to listen to one of my playlists of bootlegs than to this.

I did realise something when I was compiling this playlist, though. Adding Band Aid's Feed The World reminded me of the recent Band Aid 20 performance and release of the same song. I am sure most of you will agree with me when I say that Band Aid 20 are DREADFUL. Even Bono sounds DREADFUL, as if he had a horrible cold. Some nitwit raps (all bias against rap aside, Feed The World does NOT suit rap), the guitarist from The Darkness should have had his amp turned off, and the entire thing is simply a poor effort. I find the song extremely hard to listen to.

What's more, I do not agree with people who believe one should buy the single, regardless of quality, simply to support the charity. A charity should not be essentially granted instant support no matter what they produce; they should demonstrate their cause is worthy by releasing a worthwhile product. A charity should be supported because they are worthwhile, not because they are simply a charity. I am not saying Band Aid or any other cause should be shunned, not in the slightest. Charity needs to be encouraged and there is not enough in the world. However, charities should be supported on their merit, not on the basic fact they are a charity. It should have to prove that it is worthy of support. I would much rather directly donate ten dollars than waste my money on some completely dreadful cover of a decent song. Thus, I say show your support for worthy charity by directly donating rather than simply purchasing a sub-standard product just because it's for a charitable cause.

I fear that I have failed to explain my point, but hopefully, you comprehend my point. Most charities should be supported (there are of course corrupt 'charities' and I imagine some out there exist to support causes one should not be funding), but a product should not be bought simply because a charity released it and charities should not be allowed to get away with releasing inferior products through the virtue of their status as a charity. They should ensure it is a product worthy of support.
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