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An entry about nothing.

*snort* Fantastic television moment today. U2 were being interviewed on the BBC's Jonathan Ross Show and the host happened to make this observation to Bono ...

Ross: We can find pictures of you with just about every mover and shaker, every world leader. There's a picture of you with George Bush. I don't know how much time you had with him, whether he listened to you, whether he understood many of the words you were using.


And then during the performance of I Will Follow, everyone in the front row were on their feet apart one from one guy, so what does Bono do?

At the end of the song: Stand up, you miserable bastard! Stand up!

Best. Interview. Ever. Jonathan Ross sounds like he came right out of the 'Biggus Dickus' Monty Python scene. I cannot believe just how fresh I Will Follow sounds now, TWENTY-FIVE YEARS SINCE IT WAS FIRST RELEASED. I bet some people have watched its performances on Saturday Night Live and Jonathan Ross, bought HTDAAB, and wondered where "that rocking song about following" is. I find it so amusing that a rocking song U2 created before they were twenty still sounds brand new while songs made by whiny groups in 2000 sound completely aged now. That's longevity for you.

Onto today's post. What am I posting about today? Nothing. Yes, you read that correctly. I have absolutely nothing worthwhile or meritous to post about. I am sure there are many things in the world that warrant my attention and desperately deserve a post, but to be completely honest, I have somehow slipped out of the loop and feel quite behind the play when it comes to the news. I can't figure out how I have managed to keep this thing updated as much as I have. Since I began my journal, I have updated on every single day I have had Internet access - in other words, I have only missed three days. From 29 September 2003 to now, I have updated every single day. I think that's quite an accomplishment, though I have no idea what I have managed to speak about for most of those days. It's not as if much happens in my life. What have I done for the last month? NOTHING. I have either had exams, official school functions, or stayed at home. I think I lead the most boring life out of anyone on my friends list. Maybe I should do something with myself? No, that's what March is for. I'll be away from home for that whole month, so I think I am making up for that by spending an exorbitant amount of time at home right now. March is going to be a somewhat strange month in that I will probably be more social than I have for ... a very long time. Possibly ever.

And yes, it is true, I am planning on attending U2's Saint Patrick's Day (17 March 2005) gig, wherever it may be, dressed as a leprechaun with a sign reading as follows: "I am a Kiwi in the US dressed as an Irish leprechaun. PLAY 11 O'CLOCK TICK TOCK, DAMNIT!" I think it would be quite a laugh. Anyone who wishes to dress as a leprechaun and can get tickets is more than welcome to join me. Anyway, back to the topic that is nothing. There is nothing more to say. This has been a most bizarre entry. I'll try to find something decent to post about tomorrow. For now, I think I shall retire nice and early for the night. I feel as if I am typing in disjointed sentences. Have a good one, folks.

lovetown is love
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(For those not quite as into the U2 fandom as I am, Lovetown was the tour that ran from 21 September 1989 to 10 January 1990. I say that when U2 walked off the stage in Rotterdam on 10 January 1990, the greatest form of U2 died. Long live earnest, passionate, sincere, mulletised, eighties U2! I guess they had to sing a new song, though.)

u2 bootlegs are love
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