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In which I just ramble on.

So, what to post today? Well, I was going to condemn those who dislike How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb as heartless and tasteless. Was. Seems some people have markedly different tastes and connect to music in different ways (or simply don't connect to it). Shame about that, really. No, I don't think variety is necessarily the spice of life or any tired cliché like that. Variety gave us rap and Ashlee Simpson. Thanks, variety. My ears are bleeding and my brain is writhing in agony. It also gave us U2's The Unforgettable Fire and Zooropa, two of the best albums ever made, so I guess variety isn't doing too badly.

I then ran through various sorts of ways I could present another topic, but it's not yet for public discussion. Feel left out. Unless you're one of those who has been included. In that case, join me for yet another secret party and feast upon secret cake.

On a totally random note, I don't think I have ever shared my definition of 'sport' on my journal. I know I've said it to some of you, but I think I'd like to give it the distinction of being featured in an entry.

sport, noun,
1. Rugby union, cricket, and yachting. These are sports even when New Zealand loses. New Zealand never loses the rugby union. If you think you have seen New Zealand lose a rugby union match, it was a fictional movie made by lying Australians, South Africans, Britons, or French.
2. Anything at which New Zealand wins. Unless it's mentioned in definition #5.
3. Anything at which Australia loses embarrassingly. Unless it's mentioned in definition #5.
4. Australian Rules football, but only when talking to Victorians. Has the potential to be a sport if it becomes an international game, as per definitions #2 and #3.
5. NOT rugby league or American football under ANY circumstances. Not even if New Zealand is conquering the world at either or both of the two. They are not sports, have never been sports, and will never be sports. They are condemned to the pits of doom of games that are not sports and have other pursuits such as synchronised swimming, trampolining, and cheerleading to keep them company.

Back to what I had written before I decided to insert the first entry from the Dictionary of André.

I happened to be doing one of my regular checks of the Interference fora ('forums' is just not cool enough), and of all things to discover, I happened to find a link to a a page claiming that music in worship is of Satan or some nonsense like that. My brain started rotting when I began reading that page so I just gave up. Take that as a warning. You might want to not click the link and instead talk to sensible people about religion so that you can regain confidence that there is intelligence in the religious community.

After nearly killing my brain - or nearly having it killed by some nut wrongfully in the possession of religion - I continued mindlessly clicking around Interference and LiveJournal while thinking that I should do something more worthwhile but lacking any motivation to remove myself from the comfort of my chair. I then suddenly had the inspiration for a topic! Oh, it was glorious! I could post a long entry about this topic and it would be brilliant!

... Until I realised I didn't have much to say about it after all. I must say, however, that I have spotted a bizarre twist in society - it is actually frowned upon to claim the moral high ground and actually assert one's morality. What is up with that? If you decide to take a stand and disapprove of something on moral grounds, you apparently have no foundation and should shut up and go home. Your opinion's apparently no longer worth anything. Wow. It's one thing to personally decide one's morals; it's a completely different thing to throw morality to the four winds and live in what is essentially a state of moral anarchy. Quite frankly, I like the moral high ground. The view's nice and the air's clear. There's something to be said for intellectualism.

Anyhow. November was a good month to me. I shall forever remember 4 November as the night of awards, 6 November as the night when How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb leaked to the world, 8 November as the release date of Vertigo, 22 November as the release date of HTDAAB, and the last three days of the month as being the three best days ever.

I hope December is just as kind.
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