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Stupid people

It may come as an intense shock to you all, but there happens to be a messageboard out there in Internetland where Lily (or Christian Faith as she is known there) is not only accepted but well liked and popular (I believe at some point she considered leaving and they actually begged her to stay). Not only that, but I believe I have acquired a bad reputation there since I broke up with her (I once went there a couple of months ago and have ventured back lately). I am such a big bad Axver. Anyhow, if you wish to meet these morons, one brilliant place to start would be: Note first of all, she got the impression I acted like I was going to hug her at some point, which is NOT true. Secondly, if you do venture over to this place, do not under any circumstances mention my Journal AT ALL. Lily must not know of its existence (although I may tell her about it at some time, I don't know).

Right, I shall post more later.

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