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They're in the desert to dismantle an atomic bomb ... or in this case, build one.

OK folks, simple question about a world event with some background information first.

Background information: Iran is a sovereign and independent nation run by an Islamic theocracy. It might be attempting to develop nuclear weapons and various nations in the West such as the USA have been quite eager to stop this. A lot of people seem to think it is their right to infringe upon Iran's independence and tell them what they can and cannot do within their own borders. Simplistic explanation, but that's the way it appears to me.

Question: Why should Iran not be allowed to develop nuclear weapons? (Furthermore, why can't Iran develop them if nations such as the USA and France can?)

I fail to understand it. If Iran want to develop nuclear weapons, they can. Regardless of whether or not we like that idea, who are we to deny them their independence? Personal opinion of Iran doesn't come into play here - I do not understand why people are opposing Iran's right to develop whatever weapons they see fit to develop.

So yes, someone explain this one to me.

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