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Uncertainty can be a guiding light.

... Uncertainty can be a guiding light ...
- U2, Zooropa

Anyone who pretends that the world, life, or religion is a collection of certainties is a liar. I see a lot of Christians who try to act as if they possess a packet of absolute certainties that answer every question imaginable. However, that's just not true. Not only are there uncertainties, but we need uncertainties. The search for truth is a beautiful thing; it is the height of inquisition, the discovery of what is indisputably factual and real, and a reason to continue investing energy. If we were to unravel all the secrets of the universe, to sit down and detail all that can be detailed in absolute precision, and obliterate all uncertainties, we would soon stagnate as individuals and society as a whole, stuck in the uninspiring, immovable certainty of everything. No longer would we have any reason to do anything; all we could desire would be right in front of us and there would be no way to step out of the monotony of a certain existence.

Notice that the great people of the past were inspired by uncertainty - there were worlds to discover, theology to discern, scientific and mathematical concepts to realise, and knowledge to pursue. The mystery and uncertainty of the world gave them reason to step out of stagnancy and acquire knowledge, uncover truth, and grow as people. Indeed, notice little children and their love for learning. There is a whole world for them to discover and all that surrounds them is a wonderful inspiration and revelation. Without uncertainty, there is nothing new to captivate the mind and stimulate it to a functioning state.

Uncertainty may not always be pleasant. All of us, I imagine, would dearly love to know more. However, it's that desire and passion that spurs us on. Without it, we would not advance. If all mysteries were solved, we would have no light to guide us into the future; we would wallow in the stagnancy of the present. While there may be nothing new under the sun, there is much under the sun yet to be discovered. This does not just relate to revealing a mystery that had, until that point, been uncertain. It is true that while many facts have been discovered, we, as individuals, are not aware of them and must strive to learn them. The value of uncertainty should not ever be unemphasised; it's not always enjoyable and rarely convenient, but it is always valuable.
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