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Completely shameless gloating.

I received some interesting stuff in the mail today.

Raise your hand if you have any currency from the ZooTV tour.

Oh, and how about this?

Those two items, along with further U2 memorabilia, are what showed up in a package from my uncle today. He is a GOD. I am sure you can imagine my face when I pulled that stuff out. What's more, sitting right beside me was the other package that arrived today - my deluxe edition of How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb. I will be writing a full review in the coming days, but let me tell you this right now: this song is so much more amazing in full CD quality sound through my headphones. This is definitely one of U2's three best albums and it is astounding to believe that a band more than twenty-five years old is continuing to release relevant, definitive works of a high standard.

And yes, I will return to making worthwhile posts soon. Don't despair, I haven't totally lost the plot and I'm not completely oblivious to anything that isn't U2. It's a U2 world right now, though.

(By the way, when U2 play that 'surprise' gig in New York tomorrow, they absolutely HAVE to open with All Along The Watchtower. If you're familiar with the 1987-11-11 Save The Yuppies concert in San Francisco, you'll know why. I also hope we see the world premiere of LAPOE live. That would be extremely droolworthy.)

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