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If you walk away, walk away, I walk away, walk away, I WILL FOLLOW!


SNL is of course not broadcast here, but one kind soul on Interference set up a live audio feed and I tuned in (and now I have video of it as well) ... U2 saved that show. U2 frigging STOLE that show. That was MINDBLOWING.

Firstly, Saturday Night Live is officially one of the stupidest shows I have ever had the misfortune of hearing. I cannot believe the horrendous radio and now television programming that I have endured for U2. All of the 'jokes' on that show were not only not funny but completely TASTELESS. Whatever hack writes that crap should be ashamed of themselves.

Of course, none of that mattered once U2 took the stage. Vertigo's definitely taking shape and the guitar Edge played at the start was pretty damn cool, along with Bono's weird robotic spasm at the end. Once that song fully takes form, it is really going to rip the place apart on tour. Then Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own ... that song is amazingly moving, it is just incredible. Definitely the best performance thus far. Now from what I hear, only a few occasional acts have ever played three songs on the show ... and right at the end, U2 ripped out I WILL FOLLOW! I cranked my volume up, and then realised I was going to shake my headphones off, so I ripped out the plug, ran the thing even louder through my speakers, and behaved in a manner that would have been tremendously embarrassing had anyone seen me. I think the fact I had to take off my glasses before they went flying says it all. That was an EXCELLENT performance of I Will Follow, and then they went into All Because Of You BUT THE BASTARDS AT THE TELEVISION STATION ENDED THE SHOW! U2 went into a FOURTH song and yet they ENDED THE SHOW! Now reports are appearing on U2Log that they played another two songs AFTER ABOY! SIX SONGS. Oh how I wish someone at the network would kindly leak the rest of that set to us!

That was GLORIOUS and INCREDIBLE, especially I Will Follow. U2 brought the house down during Elevation in 2000, but now ... that looks like absolutely nothing in the face of six songs and the best I Will Follow I have heard since the 'liquid' Popmart performances (or if we want conventional I Will Follow, since 1984-11-23, Nantes!). The masters are BACK. Biggest and best band in the world? You better bloody believe it.

So come on U2 fans, let the gushing begin!

--- 7:14pm ---

Oh, and how can you not love Bono's mockery of Ashlee Simpson? "Saturday Night Live, live, live, live!" Take THAT, Miss Ashlee Useless Pop Bloody Nonsense! Bwahaha! Bono, YOU ARE A LEGEND! A LIVE LEGEND!

Live, live, live, live!

Bahaha, I am so amused and hyper.

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