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My day

Woke up.
Went to school.
Had a leadership seminar all day. Funny msot of the time, boring during parts of the afternoon.
Came home.
Ate food. Did this while watching portions of various U2 videos.
Played guitar. Am getting good at the main solo of New Years Day and the start of 11 O'clock Tick Tock. Must learn how to do harmonics.
Watched M*A*S*H, then ate dinner during the news.
Got online, did stuff. Had to get off to free up the phone.
Had shower; very refreshing.
Did most of boring maths homework. Shall do the last little bit in the library before school tomorrow (maybe).
Got back online.
Very tired right now, and this is the explanation for this very sad, pathetic entry. I (note this is my first use of the word 'I' in the entire post) happened to realise that, lately, I thought I was getting very apathetic, but this is really a cover for emptiness and loneliness, but I'm not sure what that stems from. Am I too distant from God? Is it distance/lack of friends? Is it the lack of a meaningful relationship? Is it the loss of YTF? Is it something else?

All today I daydreamed about going to a U2 concert. Whenever problems come along, I daydream about going to a U2 concert, and it makes me feel better. At one point in this leadership seminar, they even played Beautiful Day! I was very excited.

Right, now I'm going to go. I'm tired, so very tired. I'm still trying to decide if I'll come home from school at 12:10pm tomorrow or hang around until 2pm with my friend. Probably I'll stay until 2pm and we'll get some work done on our Drama assignments (they're due Friday week and neither of us has done much because we don't have a clue).

Anyhow, I am going.

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