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You love this music; even if that doesn't ring true ...

OK, this is becoming scary: I appear to have become competent at life. Mum and Alan have gone away for a couple of days, and in the last twenty-four hours, I have;

- Successfully fed myself at all meal times. Alright, so I forgot about breakfast this morning, but I just didn't think about food at all until I got home from school in the late morning (yeah, had to go in for a couple of formalities) and made an early lunch. I say that counts as both breakfast and lunch. Yay brunch.
- Successfully performed all hygienic tasks, including shaving.
- Successfully been motivated enough to clean up some things and not just ignored mess.

What next? I'll tidy all my junk off the pool table? Then the balance of the world really will be upset.

A couple of nights ago (the 16th), I didn't realise what torture I was about to subject myself to when I tuned into the UK's Radio 1 to hear Jo Whiley's show live from U2's Dublin studios. The next morning, I then tuned into Zane Lowe's show to hear U2 perform live, not expecting to have to wait through one and a half hours of crap just to hear the lads perform. As it was, the two shows combined are more than sufficient evidence as to why I despise modern music, why I do not listen to the radio, and why I listen to U2 almost exclusively.

This stuff was TOTAL CRAP. Even the bands that people have said are good or are meant to be some up-and-coming talent were TOTAL CRAP. From pop and dance nonsense to wannabe rock, it was all a continuous arse-drivel. Besides U2's set and five studio U2 songs that were played, I only heard ONE song that I liked and ONE that I tolerated - Thin Lizzy and Ash respectively. Hmm ... note that all three bands I didn't hate happen to be Irish. I'm still baffled as to how rock gods (U2) and Irish legends (Thin Lizzy) can be lumped together with the TOTAL CRAP I endured. There was one song I heard and I'm not quite sure who the band was, though I sincerely hope I'm wrong when I think it was Franz Ferdinand. I fear it was, though, which really disappoints me because so many people absolutely rave about how good Franz are ... and yet, to put it lightly, I found the song to be rather poor. I've also seen a lot of people respect The Killers and The Streets - well, The Killers utterly stank and I've erased their song from my memory (I can't even remember what I hated about it now), and The Streets, now there is a joke. You can't take them seriously, half-seriously, or even lightly. That kind of crap needs to be fired into the sun. I felt my brain rotting listening to them. Then there were these two bands hyped by the DJs, I think they were called Kasabian and Kings of Leon, and I felt like I'd simply entered a different room of the sewage works. Oh, and we can't look past the dance rubbish, or that weird jungle-ish song that sounded like a four year old playing with sound effects in a studio, or HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE POP AND RAP. Kylie Minogue has sunk to depths lower than I thought she could possibly sink, that "My Boo" song made me wish I was deaf, Eminem just about induced vomit, and the show hit the lowest of the low levels when they played the Milkshake Song. During the few minutes of it, I thought of more ways in which to kill myself than I have devised in the last FOUR BLOODY YEARS. I'm not kidding.

Are there no recent bands or artists AT ALL making ANY music worth the time of day? Everywhere I look, there is crap. It seems as if a band is less than ten years old and even remotely mainstream, they are not worth listening to. Give me U2 or give me death.

And finally, they gave us U2. DAMN, they were good! The band seemed a little jittery and nervous at the start, but once they got into it, they really got into it. What must be remembered is that this is U2's first serious live outing with the new material and they're at their most rusty - using this as the standard to judge, they will be ON FIRE by the time the tour begins. Vertigo didn't quite rip the place apart as I expected, but for a first rendition, it was solid and it will definitely lift for the tour. All Because Of You, on the other hand, was WONDERFUL. I particularly love the intro and the second half of the solo. This song is going to be OUTSTANDING once U2 hit their stride, and Miracle Drug looks destined to be the One of the next tour. Seriously, they could just about take One out of rotation - Miracle Drug has the same potential for a spoken Bono intro, and it's such a passionate, wonderful song. Sure, Bono messed up the first chorus and I don't think Edge really got the slide solo quite right, but it definitely proved its potential. All that needs to be said about SYCMIOYO is that even this initial rusty performance live was better than the studio version - what a song this will be! And then they played BEAUTIFUL DAY! Who saw that coming? Not anyone within the U2 fandom, that's for sure. They absolutely nailed it - that is one of the best performances of Beautiful Day that I've ever heard, and Bono's vocals were superb by recent standards.

So yes, U2 played a wonderful set on Zane Lowe's show, all things considered. Oh, and it was classic on Jo Whiley's show when Larry called Bono a "lying sack of shit." I love these four foul-mouthed Irishmen. They make listening to deplorable, repulsive modern music worthwhile.

In the face of all of that garbage on radio, I give you Fast Cars. It's the bonus track on some editions of Hut Dab and it's U2 with a Middle Eastern influence. Damn catchy, too. They've never sounded like this before, though I can't help but be reminded of Love Is Blindness between 2:24-2:41. No-one else has mentioned anything remotely like that, so maybe I'm plain weird and finding a non-existent 'similarity'.

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