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Dismantling the allegations.

Alright, I'm not liking this one bit. I happened to miss renne's disappearance trick, but cat2150, where have you got to? People, if you are going to leave, please don't just disappear ... in fact, just don't leave. Truly, it would suck without most of you.

On a different topic, I began a rant in a comment to dysprosium, and I'd like to continue it here. An attitude of self-righteous superiority has developed within some portions of the U2 fan community (as in anywhere, I'm not singling out specific forums), where certain members act as if they are better than those who have downloaded the leak of How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb. Well, I'd like to point something out: no-one is better or worse than another simply because of the date on which they listened to a bloody album! I respect the decision of some people to wait until the release date to hear the album because they have valid reasons, such as disliking MP3s or enjoying the experience that comes with purchasing the album in shops, but let's be serious, folks. THERE IS NOTHING PARTICULARLY NOBLE OR GLORIOUS ABOUT WAITING. You're not doing yourself or the band any favours by avoiding the leak. To act as if you are somehow BETTER than a diehard fan who eagerly downloaded ten new U2 tracks with a huge gleeful grin on their face is ... inexplicably dumb. You want to insult someone for listening to music they like? Go yell at a fan of Britney Spears or Maroon 5 or Nelly or some other commercial joke soon to be forgotten, not someone who shares your freakin' tastes. What does it matter if someone listens to Hut Dab on the 12th or the 22nd of this month? The band surely don't care. In case you can't tell, releasing the album on the 22nd/23rd is a marketing strategy and the band won't be horrendously offended by FANS listening a couple of weeks earlier and RAVING about the album. Heck, I imagine U2 would be much happier if they could release their work as soon as it's made, get on the road, and do their thing, but they have contractual and marketing obligations to satisfy.

To belittle those who have downloaded Hut Dab is pretty daft, but then to get angry about so-called spoilers ... now you're really crossing the line. This is the biggest release of the year, if not the biggest release full stop since All That You Can't Leave Behind in 2000 (bear in mind U2 are the world's biggest band), and U2 are throwing a stack of money at their promotional campaign. It's going to be EVERYWHERE. If you think you can avoid mention of it, you are kidding yourself. It will be all over the airwaves before you can even ask "so how do you dismantle an atomic bomb?" Radio stations are playing the whole thing or selected tracks, media appearances featuring new songs are being performed ... look, the band are even performing unheard songs, so you're a liar if you think they don't want anyone to hear this stuff. THEY WANT YOU TO HEAR THEIR MUSIC. I cannot comprehend why someone would go to huge measures just to avoid hearing any word about the album.

How can it be spoiled anyway? Maybe you'd be a little better off not knowing the lyrics to City Of Blinding Lights or you'd rather not know what tempo Original Of The Species is, but what difference does it make? This isn't a movie in which the plot can be blown. This is music, and it all doesn't come together until you actually hear it for yourself. I thought the lyrics of one song were pretty lame before I heard it, but now I think they are wonderful and perfect.

Ultimately, people have heard an album and they want to discuss it. Don't deprive them of that right, and definitely don't belittle them for listening to and talking about music they ENJOY. No-one has been insulting or disrespectful towards those who have not listened to the album - indeed, this entry I am typing now is probably the most disrespectful thing I've read from someone of my perspective - but some of those who are waiting for the release date have been nothing short of arrogant, cocky, self-righteous, and superiorist. No, you're not better than me. No, you have no bragging rights. No, you are not proving you are a 'superior' fan. Wait because you WANT to wait, not because you want to climb onto your high horse and stick up your nose at other people who are simply enjoying music. Thank you.

Oh, and by the way ... Vertigo is the longest track on the album, Adam sings all of City Of Blinding Lights, Edge farts on All Because Of You, One Step Closer is a Linkin Park cover played by Bono on a ukelele, and Yahweh sounds like it was recorded in a toilet cubicle, complete with Larry popping bubble wrap while Adam continually raises and drops the toilet seat.

Except none of that last paragraph is true.
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