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Some Mercy from U2.

So. Today was the end of SOR. I went in, played some of Zooropa for Johnno, gave him a CD entitled 'U2: It's A Spiritual Journey' (anyone who's seen Rattle And Hum will understand that pun), shared some ginger cake, and spoke a bit. My eloquence pretty much died, but there are some things I have major difficulty talking about, and my faith would definitely be one of those. I lose the words, or when I'm online and can take the time to put together sensible and intelligent sentences, I often lose my nerve. Just as I really felt like I was getting into things today and actually finding some words, time ran out, though I probably would have kept talking if Mum hadn't been waiting. Incidentally, I invited Johnno to come and read my LJ, so Mister Johnson, if you're reading this, welcome to the contradictory balance. I suspect my ramblings about SOR may have just acquired you some fans, though hopefully I haven't grossly misrepresented anything you have said.

I now really do feel like high school is over. Yes, I have a Modern History speech to present on Monday. Yes, there's a couple of special events at the end of next week. But SOR, Geography, and debating were high school for me. They're all over. One phase of my life has concluded. It's an interesting thought. I am so thankful to have left high school, but those three things ... it's like they were part of something different to the despicable high school I know and part of something much better. The glimmers of hope in the educational system.

Anyhow. To other orders of business.

In a curious irony, Mercy has leaked before Fast Cars despite the fact Mercy is going to be a b-side at an unknown later date while Fast Cars is going to be a bonus track on the soon-to-be released HTDAAB in some countries. And damn, this "six and half minute outpouring of U2 at their most U2-ish" is bloody AMAZING. It's as if a JT epic such as Streets was put through the Zooropa machine and given the Where Did It All Go Wrong? lyrical treatment.

Have Mercy on your hard drive.

I was drinking some wine and it turned to blood
What's the use of religion if you're any good?
I know I'm weedkiller honey and you're sugar [?]
If you're the prosecution, I'd get away with murder
If you were ice, I'm water
And with your telescope, I can see further
We're binary code, a one and a zero
You wanted violins and you got Nero [Damn, I love that line!]
You're gravity, searching for the ground
You're silence, searching for a sound
Your heart is aching, your heart is my home
It's fascinating, I know I'll never be alone

But I'm ripping the stitches [?]
We've got two minutes to run [?]
I'm picking the dangers
Of someone else's love

Loves hears when I die
Love puts the blue back in my eye
Love will come again
I'll be gone again ... again

If you're hungry, baby let me feed it
If your heart is full, baby let me bleed it
And happiness is for those who don't really need it
You love me too much, you always love me too much

When I was ripping the stitches [?]
We've got two minutes to run [?]
I'm picking the dangers
Of someone else's luck

Love hears when I die
Love puts the blue back in my eye
Love has come again
I am gone again
Love's got to be with the weak
Only then love gets a chance to speak
Love will come again
I'll be gone again ... again

I ... I can't escape myself
I hear you tall [?]
Feeling nothing, I feel nothing, feel
I can hear someone
Feel nothing
I can hear someone
Feel nothing

Love is come again
I am gone again
Love is the end of history
The enemy of misery
Love has come again
I am gone again
Love is justice, a charity
Love brings with it a clarity
Love is come again
I'm alive again ... alive
I am alive, baby I'm born again and again and again and again and again and again and again ...

Truly, I love this song, although it seems like it is an unmastered copy. It had me hooked with the very first line, and the last verse seems to give the distinct implication that it is about salvation and spiritual rebirth. The kind of thing I actually need right now. I'm hoping that they hold onto this and develop it more for the next album, or refine it and use it as the b-side to the final single from How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb. It doesn't seem to fit on Hut Dab because, in my opinion, it would seem to be what happens after the atomic bomb has been dismantled - "love has come again." Someone on Interference remarked that after listening to Hut Dab, they felt dismantled but refreshed, and I think that's exactly it - the album takes you from confusion, strips you apart, and brings you to a point where you are willing to kneel to and feel rejuvenated in Yahweh (or whatever other form of faith you choose, as the beauty of U2 is that their spiritual nature may be Christian in nature but is not confined to a Christian audience). This song seems to belong after the dismantling is complete. It could go on an album entitled The Dismantled Atomic Bomb.

And really, I think the point of How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb is a reality check. Notice the continued references to kneeling. This album stops you; it drags you out of the mass-media assault so vividly portrayed and satired in Zooropa and the ZooTV Tour, although you don't really come to realise this until One Step Closer and Original Of The Species. It's a beautiful, soothing record. It starts in the whirlwind and climbs out.

We had some photos developed, and I'll probably whack more up later, but here's two for now. The first is of the trophy collection and Bonographed calendar atop one of my bookshelves. There are some interesting objects found in this picture, many of which are not mine but are just in my room for no apparent reason.

Ever doubted that I am a U2 fan? Doubt no more. Presenting ... one proud owner of The Joshua Tree!

(Edit: is it just me, or do I seem to be really pink and glowing in that picture? Oh well, yay for The Joshua Tree.)

I have some political topics that I would like to post about, but I think I will hold them over until tomorrow or Saturday. This is all for now.

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