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For this entry, I cannot be bothered to create a quality subject line.

Sign your headphones might be a wee bit too loud: you do wild air guitar to ABOY playing on headphones that are sitting on the desk on the other side of the room.

Now, tell me, am I severely mistaken, or is Christmas on the 25th of December? Clearly, I have my months mixed up and it's actually in November. I can't believe I have been celebrating the holiday of Frivolous Spending Of Money a month LATE my whole life! The first lie was Santa and the second is the date! How am I ever going to cope? My life has been DESTROYED.

Alright, seriously now. Every year, the 'beyond a joke' situation travels even further beyond a joke. The fact that there are already Christmas sales, trees, decorations, and events occurring goes to show the absurdity of society. It's all commercialism, it really is. Christmas has long ceased to be a faith-based holiday unless you worship the Almighty Dollar or shallow materialism. The sad fact is that people get caught up in this hoopla year after year and fork out money for items they don't really need and support an economy that thrives on excess. I have come to wonder when the twelve days of Christmas turned into twelve weeks.

On a more positive note, I completed my final high school exam EVER today. I had the German writing and listening exams, and while I did not do as well as I would have liked, I did better than I expected. The stimulus sheet for German was absolutely horrible (according to me and none of the other eight in my class), but I managed to drag out a topic and rambled about Hut Dab for about 200 words in German. That's all that kept me from being bored out of my brain, and the listening exam draaaaagged by so slowly. At least it's over now and I won't have to live with the pain of exams for at least a year if I have my way. My father probably won't be impressed when I inform him that I am going to defer - according to him, "everyone in New Zealand thinks that if you defer, you're wasting a year of your life," which I say is total bullshit even though I haven't been back for one and a half years - but I need this year off. There are some things that I wish to do that I could not do if I were in university. Perfect examples are my proposed trip to the US in March and my intention to study the theology of various figures such as Soren Kierkegaard.

To jump to a new topic, I find it amusing that just as I seriously immerse myself in Hut Dab and come to comprehend its rich depth, I have also come to more greatly appreciate what is arguably U2's most creative album, Zooropa. Quite simply put, Zooropa is an often-overlooked masterstroke from U2 and it is incredible to believe it was recorded in the middle of a tour. Edge went out there and did astounding things with his guitar. On some songs, it doesn't even sound like he is playing a guitar; this man is known as an effects wizard for a reason. Zooropa is where Edge pushed the limits of what the guitar can do. You cannot judge Edge's talent as a guitarist without listening to this album and giving it the benefit of the doubt. A lot of people negatively judge Zooropa on the first, second, third, tenth, twentieth listens. It is not an accessible album; it is creative and it is highly experimental. You only really get a hint of 'U2' U2 during Stay, and possibly The First Time.

Sure, there are four members of U2, but when it comes to Zooropa, it was Edge taking the guitar to new places and seeing just what sounds he could create. As always, Adam and Larry built a solid foundation and Edge went ahead to do his thing. He even produced the bloody album. I just love what they did on this album, from the barrage of distortion during the first two minutes of Zooropa to the industrial sounds of Numb to the total weirdness of Lemon.

It's not just on Zooropa that Edge has shone, of course. He does an extremely nice job on Hut Dab, though I would love to know how they plan to pull off City Of Blinding Lights live, which has currently become my favourite along with One Step Closer. As I stated on Interference, "Bono's voice sounds fantastic [on COBL], the instruments are beautiful and come together wonderfully, the chorus is anthemic and rousing, and the whole song is epic on the level of Streets or Bad." It's as if they have taken the best elements of both the U2 epics and the U2 anthems (the latter being songs such as New Year's Day and especially Pride) and carved a masterpiece of a song. It really does make me think of The Unforgettable Fire, which is not just a piece of music but an elaborate artwork of sound. Live, The Unforgettable Fire was absolute bliss and perfection, and not just for its chilling ethereal, atmospheric sound, but for the remarkable musicianship that went into its performanuce.

The following screenshot from 9 October 1987, Syracuse really says it all. It takes someone special to play piano and guitar at the same time.

The camera isn't on him to really see how it's done, but Edge very much plays the piano with his right hand while playing up the neck of his guitar with his left. And just the whole performance ... it gives me chills.

That's the obligatory ramble out of the way. I'm feeling particularly like a fanlad at the moment. Tomorrow is my SOR 'assessment' task in which I shall essentially just talk to Johnno and have my final half hour of SOR ever. I'm really looking forward to the 'assessment' because it should be pretty fun, but ... leaving SOR is not on my to-do list (more precisely, it would be on a to-not-do list).

Anyhow, I am going to sign off here. May Commercialismas delay its arrival and let us all crank Hut Dab up very loud.
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