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How to dismantle an atomic bomb HAS LEAKED!


(Two entries from me in less than twelve hours? You better believe it!)

I'd make a phone post, but 1. I CANNOT TALK for it is physically impossible and 2. I CAN'T STOP LISTENING TO THIS.

1. Vertigo - We already know about this.

2. Miracle Drug
FUCK. Let me say that again: FUCK. HOLY FUCK. Those who know me know that 'holy shit' is pretty rare to come out of my mouth, but this warrants one big, loud HOLY FUCK! What can I say? This song is PERFECT. It is absolutely PERFECT, and DAMN, that solo hit me from nowhere - the beach clip so did not foreshadow that total BRILLIANCE! Oh I LOVE THIS TRACK and it's SO POWERFUL. Can you imagine this thing live? It is going to be UNBELIEVABLE! The ending ... I leapt off my chair, I was screaming at the ceiling, I love it SO MUCH.

3. Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own
The falsetto! This is a NEW falsetto for Bono. This is not the Lemon falsetto, this is different and it proves Bono owns the soul of singing. Best singer ever? You better believe it! My oh my, oh wow, this is INCREDIBLE, emotional like words cannot describe.

4. Love And Peace Or Else
Here's another HOLY FUCK. This track ROCKS. The distortion, the guitar, the political lyrics, the TOTAL BRILLIANCE of it all! At this stage, this and Miracle Drug are my favourite favourites amongst a bunch of favourites. If you get what I mean. I don't. I'm incoherent from how good this album is.

5. City Of Blinding Lights
Longer intro, better ending than at the BBC, and SO ROUSING AND ANTHEMIC. What I have said before STANDS! THIS IS AN OUTSTANDINGLY BEAUTIFUL TRACK.

6. All Because Of You
We thought this was a pretty rocking song. OH YES IT ROCKS. It rocks more than we thought! The piercing note at the start rips into your ear and WOW. Be careful when listening through headphones!

7. A Man And A Woman
I love the lyrics, I love the presentation, I love the guitar, I love everything about this. I thought this would be my least favourite but it would grow like All I Want Is You did. HA! Didn't need to grow! It is MARVELLOUS.

8. Crumbs From Your Table
Just from the titles, I was anticipating this and Yahweh the most. And Crumbs, regardless of what a couple of reviews say, doesn't disappoint. It starts off reminiscient of ISHFWILF and then ROCKS UP. It has some of the best lyrics on the album. Political and moral, and WONDERFUL.

9. One Step Closer
On first listen, some labelled this as the weakest song. OH COME ON. This is one you need to let savour; you need to drown in its richness, let the mellowness wash over you. It has to be experienced. How can I tell you this when I have barely heard it? Because it's reminiscient of The Unforgettable Fire album, and that takes repeated listens to really comprehend its depth, layers, and beauty. It's subtle. One Step Closer is so beautifully subtle.

10. Original Of The Species
Oh, it is SO AMAZING to hear this with the full band rather than just Bono and Edge. The chorus sounds so much better, and THE ENDING IS MARVELLOUS. It builds up, it is beautiful! Show your soul! And you feel like no-one before! Oh, I feel like no-one before, this album is just SO AMAZING. This song is rich and beautiful too! They all are! Oh my, this is MARVELLOUS LIKE I CANNOT STATE.

11. Yahweh
The track I anticipated the most. It comes out and grabs you with guitars - not the most powerful on the album but still fantastic. Then it builds - it's an eloquent prayer of a song. It's not the next 40; it's the first Yahweh. It's uplifting while remaining realistic; positive but feet on the ground instead of heads in the cloud. It is the spiritual side of U2 that anyone can appreciate.

Fast Cars did not leak. But what does it matter? We've waited four years and U2 HAVE DELIVERED. This is the next masterpiece.

Ladies and gentlemen, we now know how to dismantle an atomic bomb. With a classic album. This is all that you can't leave behind.

Now, I think I will go to bed. I'm sure you're wondering how I plan on sleeping. It'll be quite easy actually, because I'll have the prospect of having all Sunday to drown in this album and savour the rich textures of its masterpiece quality. I cannot wait. I bid you all goodnight, and fucking amazing U2!

U2. Best band ever. No doubt about it.

--- 12:47am ---

Yeah, still up, singing to Miracle Drug. I'm going to bed soon, but when I get back up, I'll put all the songs on YouSendIt and I WILL ONLY GIVE YOU THE LINK IF YOU ARE GOING TO BUY THE ALBUM.


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