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Are you gonna wait forever to read this entry?

When I left for my LAST DAY OF REGULAR CLASSES this morning, it seemed as if Are You Gonna Wait Forever was on the verge of leaking. As it turned out, that appearance turned into reality and when I arrived home, there was a nice copy of the song sitting in my inbox. And frankly, if any of the b-sides on future singles are just half as good as this, Hut Dab will be the best b-side era since the glory days of JT/RAH/AB.

Firstly, let me state that AYGWF does not hit the heights of U2's most astounding b-side material from The Joshua Tree, when songs such as Luminous Times and Spanish Eyes could have quite legitimately been album tracks. However, I would dare to say it's on the level of Achtung Baby b-sides such as Where Did It All Go Wrong? and Lady With The Spinning Head. It's hard to say it's better than awesome b-sides such as Always and Your Blue Room, but DAMN, it rocks. It could have been an album track with some work done on the lyrics - a more substantial chorus than 'Are you gonna wait forever?' would have been enough to do it, especially with lines such as "We'll keep the promise because we don't know how to break it" and "Don't trade your dreams for some small change." It's a return to Edge's distorted, ringing guitar from Achtung Baby and has the feel of an ATYCLB song rocked up and merged with the best of Achtung Baby's b-sides and U2's original post-punk influences.

I'm already setlisting this song, even though it would never be performed live. The last b-side U2 played live was Spanish Eyes, and it's become tradition to play that song when in Spain. The likelihood of a new U2 b-side being played is slim, especially after Summer Rain was overlooked despite its perfect suitability for the acoustic set. That hasn't deterred me, though! Here's a setlist sample;

1. Spanish Eyes
2. Are You Gonna Wait Forever
3. Where Did It All Go Wrong?
4. All Because Of You

Here's a good idea: play the one-minute clip of the opening of Love And Peace Or Else before AYGWF. It actually works quite nicely. That opening ... it's industrial and very reminiscient of the Zooropa album. I guess the best way to describe it is as a mix of the Zooropa intro and the music of Numb. That song is going to rock, though I'd love to see how they plan to pull it off live. If I would dare to speculate, it will follow Exit or Until The End Of The World. HMTMKMKM should be played after it.

By the way, if you need a copy:

So, I have finished regular classes at school FOR GOOD. Just a few exams and formalities to go and then I'm done with everything. This month is actually looking like it will be very good.

8/11 - Vertigo single.
9/11 - Geography exam, 8:30-10:20.
10/11 - German writing exam, 8:30-10:20, German listening exam, 11:00-12:40.
11/11 - SOR 'assessment' (re: talk to Johnno for half an hour), 3:30-4:00.
15/11 - Modern History speech presentation, undetermined time.
18/11 - Farewell chapel and morning tea at school, 8:30-10:15.
19/11 - Graduation Night.
22/11 - The day we learn how to dismantle an atomic bomb.

Isn't it beautiful?

And now I'd like to address two matters that have arisen in comments. Some of you may be sick of politics, but I feel these two points need to be made.

1. There's more to the US election than foreign policy.

Of course there is. If I didn't realise that, I'd be a flaming moron. However, despite my opposition to abortion and homosexual marriage (I don't think I've written on abortion yet, but some thoughts on homosexuality are in this entry), foreign policy and leadership ability were the primary issues to me in this election and I based my whole support of candidates on that issue alone because I consider Bush's record to be so abysmally dismal. Plus, foreign policy is what impacts me. Of course I'm going to make it the most important issue. I couldn't care less about Medicare policies because they have nothing to do with me.

Now before you jump all over me for that, I want you to consider something. One is always going to base their vote on the issues that are important to them and will impact their lives, and their job is to convince others that those issues matter to them as well. Let me provide an example. You have a grandmother who is very ill and requires an operation to save her life. You love her dearly and desire an election outcome whereby health policies will prove as beneficial as possible. Candidate A's policies will place her on a long waiting list and she'll probably die before she can have the operation. On the other hand, Candidate B's policies and his/her passion for health will permit her to have the operation within a few weeks of B's victory. Regardless of other policies or political allegiances, you are going to vote for Candidate B.

In fact, here's an even better example along similar lines that shows why I am so opposed to Bush. Candidate A has been the President for the last four years and during that time, his policies caused your grandmother to end up on a waiting list so long that when she died, she wasn't even half of the way to receiving her operation. You absolutely resent Candidate A for this and cannot bring yourself to support the person or cast a vote in their favour, regardless of other policies or political allegiances. Apply that example to foreign policy and you can see why I am so vehemently against Bush.

2. Why do you care? You don't live in the USA so who are you to tell people who to vote for? We're voting for the AMERICAN President and your opinion is irrelevant!

I just about want to yell at myself for typing that; that's how repulsive the statement is. In case you haven't noticed, the US is the dominant world superpower and the actions of its leaders profoundly influence billions beyond its borders. The USA has the political power and military strength to defy the United Nations; the capitalistic might to over-run other nations in the quest for resources; the resource consumption to destroy the planet (that's geographical fact, people); the home of multinational corporations that keep the Third World in poverty; the ability to end starvation but no will to act upon it; the ability to cancel Third World debts but no humanitarian desire to do so; I could go on and on. The USA possesses more ability and power than the rest of the world combined. The next nine largest militaries in the world cannot match the US military. A single carrier fleet in the US Navy is bigger and more powerful than the entire militaries of many countries.

I could go on for days and days in showing how the actions of the USA affect the entire world. No other nation is even remotely close to matching the USA's power - you don't see Chinese pop culture enthralling billions beyond its borders and India can't even end starvation within its borders, let alone in Africa. If you think the outcome of the US election only matters to Americans, you are delusional and ignorant. If you think my opinion is not valid because I do not live in one of fifty particular states, I pity your attitude. If you think foreign policy is not the most important issue in the US election, I think you are sadly mistaken.

Concern for the outcome of the election that impacts the entire world should not be the exclusive domain of those who speak with a certain accent and live within certain borders.

Here's a scary quote I just stumbled across. Think about it a bit.

Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.
- Hermann Goering.

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