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Presentation Night and other topics.

Let's take today chronologically, shall we?

I woke up to the devastating news that Bush won Ohio. However, I'm a polite fellow, so I'd like to issue a vote of thanks.

Thank you, approximately sixty million American voters. Thank you for perpetrating a foreign policy disaster. Thank you for causing the train to not only derail, but smash through an entire residential neighbourhood and then ram into an oil refinery. Thank you for ignoring human rights abuses. Thank you for condoning an unwinnable war that was based on a lie. Thank you for boosting the ego of a man who cannot even fulfill his own promises. Thank you for encouraging further terrorist attacks. Thank you for endorsing lies. Thank you for destroying what was left of positive world opinion of the USA.

Thank you for everything. Sixty million Americans have spoken, and the rest of the world wishes they hadn't.

So after feeling pretty queasy after reading that devastating election result - how the hell are we going to tolerate another four years of that delusional lunatic man? - I headed off to school for my last full school day. It had its ups and downs - the tedium of Presentation Night practice, the laze of study, the shocking discovery in Modern History about which I shall not divulge, not even online to a group of people who do not know the person concerned, and the very end of SOR. Honestly, it didn't feel like the end of SOR. That was yesterday. It more feels like the SOR class hijacked a study period and its own period to hold a great party. Everyone was camera-happy and we had a nice range of food, including a cake we had a good time stabbing. We really did have a good time, and life without SOR just ... doesn't seem right. At least I have a half-hour session with Johnno on Thursday for the final 'assessment' task.

Then my mother picked me up thirty minutes late. Why? Because her and Alan bought a campervan. A CAMPERVAN. WHY? Who the bloody hell wants a campervan? Talk about meaninglessly throwing away money. Ugh. I was not impressed.

But that suddenly paled when I arrived home and found some fantastic news in my e-mail inbox. Looks like I'll definitely be over in the USA in March, and the closer you are to Tennessee, the better your chances are of seeing me.

So after reading that and just about exploding from elation, I headed off to Presentation Night. Allow me to cut the suspense before it even begins and list what I won;

- First in English
- First in Geography
- First in Modern History
- First in Study Of Religion
- Scripture Union Award for Outstanding Achievement in Study Of Religion
- Senior Debating Award

Note two things;
1. I did not win Dux.
2. I won EXACTLY what I wanted. Namely first in Geography and SOR and the Senior Debating Award (which makes me the first person to win it two years in a row; three if you count my Junior Debating Award from grade ten).

A lot of people are going to think I'm disappointed that I didn't win Dux. Nothing could be further from the truth. I am GLAD I did not win Dux. Now there's a shocking statement for you. Fact of the matter is that the Dux would have been totally MEANINGLESS for me. I didn't want it; it would have only served to rub my ego and provide a fantastic bragging tool. I don't need that. It has no meritous worth to me, only detrimental attributes that I am significantly happier without.

I don't need an award to tell me I'm the most intelligent person in the grade. Anyone with an iota of sense can tell that while Chantelle moulds to the system and is talented at studying, I'm the one who's actually intellectually gifted. I respect Chantelle for her nice personality and ability to study effectively within a system designed to maximise people of her character; I do not respect her intelligence because there isn't any to respect. That may seem harsh, but let's look at this picture for a second. She takes her work SO SERIOUSLY, she studies and works hard and gets all these wonderful marks. On the other hand, I do nothing, I put in no effort, I really don't care, and my schooling life was essentially a refusal to conform to the demands of the system, and yet everything went down to the wire. She only just won the Dux instead of me, and I still walked away with the top of more subjects. In essence, Chantelle moulded to the system and did everything it asked; I bucked the system and I managed to beat it by cleaning up and achieving what I wanted. All I desired was to top my two favourite subjects, Geography and SOR, and to receive the Senior Debating Award because debating's my passion. Everything else is an extra bonus, and Dux would have been detrimental. Chantelle can gloat all she wants, I don't care. I just don't want people to assume I'm disappointed, because I couldn't be happier. I feel I beat her, the grade, and primarily, the restrictive, archaic system that tries to place students in boxes. I feel like I have accomplished something. The system be damned; it has no control over me and I'll do what I want to get where I want, thankyouverymuch.

Let us now celebrate by playing 11 O'clock Tick Tock from 5 June 1983 VERY LOUD. Gaze upon the icon of Edge playing the song of awesomeness.

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