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In which I jump from topic to topic.

So, today I met my father for the first time in one and a half years. There's really very little to report. We sat around and talked, went and had pizza for dinner, and it thankfully was not 3-4 hours from hell, even if they did pester me a bit about getting a job. Wasn't exactly amazingly exciting either, but a lot better than expected. The thing that I realised the most is just how grey my father has gone and that he's now permanently wearing glasses. My father with grey hair and permanent glasses? It's just not right. Sure, he's been progressively greying and last time I saw him, he was wearing glasses sometimes, but this ... it's weird.

You know, that's one thing my children will never say. There will be no "Dad's going sooo grey!" or "Do you think Dad's secretly dying his hair?" There are some advantages to being an albino, yes.

I realised one thing, though: I can fail to see a person for well over a year and as soon as I meet them again, it's all very casual and we just pick up where we left off. There's no hoopla or anything. In a similar way, parting isn't painful. To me, it's like they're just heading down the road and I can visit any time, and when I do finally see them again, it's like I've just taken that stroll down to their place. I'm not sure why this is. Perhaps it's because I've become so used to leaving my mother and father on flights back and forth between New Zealand that I've come to be very used to parting and meeting back up. Perhaps it's because I've lost all grasp of time. It doesn't feel as if the last time I saw Dad was Easter 2003, though that in itself doesn't feel like tremendously long ago either. Just earlier this week, I thought it was still 2003 ... and a couple of weeks ago, I was talking as if it's 2005. I get this feeling that I'm moving at a completely different pace to normal time. It's headed off over there and I'm wandering a most dissimilar direction.

Major event in my life last night: after months of out-right refusal, I gave in and shaved for the first time. Frankly, I hate it. If anyone sees any pale facial hair wandering around lost, wondering where their father is, please send them home to me. I miss them and I'm sure they miss me. Why did I ever have that silly idea to tidy myself up for Presentation Night?

On a U2-ish note (none of you saw this coming, I know), full copies of Original Of The Species and acoustic All Because Of You have leaked. Even acoustically, ABOY rocks! That's one awesome song. If they must keep the acoustic set, I'd love to hear ABOY/Desire - that would actually keep my interest, although I'm sure if I was actually AT a concert, I'd enjoy the slow performances of songs such as Stay. And OOTS ... Edge plays some beautiful piano and in my opinion, it's a new direction for U2 mixed with a flavour of The Unforgettable Fire and Passengers. Some are complaining Bono's voice is weak, but I have no idea where they are coming from. Compared to this time on the ATYCLB promo tour, Bono's voice is absolutely better (really, by all logic, he shouldn't have a voice left) and he puts in a great effort on this performance. A full version with the whole band will be absolutely stunning. Initially, I thought it would build towards a loud and rousing conclusion and maybe it does with the full band, but I'm happy with it as it is. It's really, really good! I'll gladly take OOTS/THTBA as an acoustic set - that would work wonderfully.

And so it's election day in the US. To celebrate (celebrate, really?) ... A POLL ON AN OVER-DONE TOPIC! For the sake of the poll, presume these are the only two options available to you and that you are an American voter of legal age.

Who would you vote for?

George Bush/Dick Cheney
John Kerry/John Edwards

Vote Kerry or I will send a pack of chickens to eat your fingernails for who you feel is best who is obviously Kerry.
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