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The day.

Today, I discovered muscles I never knew I had. I'm going to be sore tomorrow. Too. Much. Walking. All of my own free will, too. I could have taken the easy option and sat under a tree overlooking the ocean and cooled by a soft breeze all day, but no, I decided I would go exploring in the National Park because I love the forest. Yeah, New Zealand forest. Australian sea-level forest is rather disappointing and pretty warm. Of course, I didn't help matters by running up and down part of the hill or walking all three tracks over the headland. It's not seriously rugged terrain but it's sure not flat either. The particularly stupid part of this is that I can't run. If you want to be correct, I stumbled and flailed along the track.

Today I learnt a lot without appearing to learn anything. There's something stalking my thoughts and I am refusing to acknowledge it. I will see what tomorrow and next year bring. That's my vague allusion to a topic (actually, allusions to topics) for the month. I have reasoned the first two minutes of Zooropa, the song (and album, seeing the title track is the first one), are two of the most insightful minutes of music ever released. Life is confusion, a barrage of tidbits that occupy and perplex the mind, and Zooropa quite nicely paints a picture of that. There's so much that keeps me distracted from what really matters, and I really don't feel that I'm where I should be. Then again, I'm where I'm meant to be and going where I'm meant to go, so I guess somehow, everything will work out through the confusion. That doesn't change the perplexing reality, though. I wish someone had the answers, even if the questions are wrong.

OK, changing topics now to something better. I'm working on my application for accommodation next year and I'd rather not think about it. I've filled it out and all I need to do is submit it, but I DON'T WANT TO. I don't want to go. I don't want to live with a pack of morons (or even a pack of relatively nice strangers) and I just wish I didn't have to interact with people or fill out so many damn forms. All I want is to pursue academic study from the security of my own peaceful house. Though ... I did realise today that I have built a world free from not only pain and hurt but also the positive extremes.

Anyway. I was meant to change the topic. So here we go. Here's a CD playlist I've devised. There's one track where I have two options - I'd like to use both but they won't fit on the one CD. Now some of this probably wouldn't flow in a concert setting. Just watch the themes. All songs are the studio version unless otherwise noted.

1. Zooropa
2. When Love Comes To Town
3. Gloria
4. I Will Follow
5. Mysterious Ways
6. With Or Without You
7. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
8. Exit (29 April 1987)
9. Wake Up Dead Man
10. Acrobat
11. Gone
12. Until The End Of The World
13. Surrender
14. Drowning Man
15. Walk On
16. Grace OR Scarlet
17. 40 (UABRS CD, 20 August 1983)

I've just had a revelation on life. Here's how it goes: you work hard at primary school to go to high school; you work hard at high school to go to university; you work hard at university to get a job; you get a job and work at it for about forty years and don't accomplish much besides working your butt off and depriving yourself of time; you retire at sixty-five and potter around for ten years before you fall over and die. Yippee.

I just submitted my accommodation application. Excuse me while I throw up. Today is not ending well.
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