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Let's put it this way: My fuse was lit today.

I may not be in the best of moods, but I'll get to that. I need to share this little realisation of mine. Considering the way I abuse my memorisation talents, I seriously do wonder if at a critical moment, my memory is going to decide to roll over and die. I can see it now ...

My memory, just before an exam that will determine my final university results: What? MORE study? More random facts to recall perfectly on such short notice? No, that's it, I've had it with you! Remember when you made me remember 330 digits of Pi? Remember when you made me remember the finest points of U2 setlists? Remember when you made me remember an eight minute speech in two days? Oh, wait, without me, you won't remember a thing of that! You won't even remember this 'conversation'. All you will do is sit there in the exam, staring blankly at the question sheet, wondering what those funny symbols running from left to right are. That's right, I'm about to commit suicide, and you, my abusive owner, shall not even remember the language you require to inform people of your disastrous predicament. This is your punishment for the thousands of times you misused me. Goodbye!

Now to suddenly drastically change the tone of this entry.

I'm surprised my memory - and the rest of my brain - didn't decide to walk out on me today. Let me just tell you that stupidity is completely and utterly aggravating. Yes, really, it is. It makes people like me wonder where the hell you left your brain when you were born. There's a difference between simply having a lack of knowledge and coining such moronic statements as "Lord of the Rings is sci-fi," "What blows the wind?", and "I can smell the colour blue" at age seventeen. I'm going to state this once and for all to make my position absolutely clear;


I don't even need to rant to prove my point any more. Read the following.

Burns (burnzey): [After I told him 11 September pales in comparison to the Holocaust.] Are you serious? Can you give me a brief overview of the Halocaust??

Me, at the same time: Keep your stupidity to yourself for the last twelve days of school.
Me, in response to his question: The Holocaust was the systematic slaughter of over six million Jews by the Nazi government during WWII. It also involved the slaughter of millions of others, notably Gypsies, communists, and homosexuals. Many were shot and buried in shallow graves or gassed in chambers disguised as showers.

Burns, to my first comment: Let me be probably the millionth person to point this out .... Your going to get no where in life if you keep this attitude, Andre ...

Me: No, I will just reject stupidity in all its forms.

Burns, to my second comment: well, it seems it was good if It got rid of those assholes (with the exception of the Jews, fo course)

Me: WTF? What did I just ask you to do with regards to your stupidity? KEEP. IT. TO. YOURSELF.

Burns: "Gypsies, communists, and homosexuals."
I reject and hate the above.
Burns: what is so fucking stupid about an opinion, you fucking idiot? you preach your opinions on a fucking daily basis... cant you accept anothers???

Me: I shall now take this opportunity to depart. My brain wishes to live. You are an intolerant, hateful little twat. There's a difference between having an opinion and being a bigoted arsehole.

There is no hope for humanity.

I again have to hold over yesterday's topic. Oh well. Today has been an intensely frustrating day and I will be delirious with joy when I escape from high school in less than a month. The saddest part is that those with experience tell me that if I think my school contains some stupid people, I should visit a state school.

I think I will now go and listen to The Cry/The Electric Co. Boy, stupid boy! ... If you don't know, Electric Co.!

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