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Pros and cons.

Lately, purplicious has been spamming my archives, and in doing so, alerted me to the existence of an entry I had long forgotten about. I would like to direct you to some utter hilarity.

Let's methodically approach today.

Amusing Negative #1: I slept through my alarm by twenty-seven minutes. My alarm is the Under A Blood Red Sky CD, beginning at 11 O'clock Tick Tock, and it's not exactly quiet. I didn't even come close to waking until ironically the quietest, most soothing track on the album, 40.

Positive #1: As of this morning, my memorisation of the speech was going very well, and it has continued to improve. I should have it quite nicely memorised in time for the competition Thursday night. Yay. I may have to cut down the length, though.

Negative #1: At the library this morning, Burns labelled a bibliography as detailed, and when I pointed out it was an average bibliography without serious detail, he decided to argue the point. I'm sure most of you are familiar with how stubborn I am when I know I'm right, but he just wouldn't listen to sense and a nice little argument broke out. It concluded when I stormed out of the library, yelling "Don't kill my brain cells!" over my shoulder. Really, don't. I like my brain cells alive.

Negative #2: 2005 student leader induction ceremony. Guess what? I don't care! I didn't care about my own induction ceremony, so am I really going to care about the induction ceremony of some people who will be leading the school AFTER I have left? It doesn't help that the whole ceremony is monotonous and thoroughly BORING.

Negative #3: Pounding headache for half the morning that resulted in me staring blankly ahead for most of German and Geography. Is it just me, or is it really stupid that the school isn't allowed to give us Panadol?

Positive #2: Yesterday's pupil free day was held because teachers from across the state were doing the major work they need to do to ensure that all assessment across the state is equal and a VHA5 (straight A) at School XYZ on the Gold Coast equates to a VHA5 at School QWERTY in Mount Isa. Not all results have come in yet, but the schools meet in regions (ours is South Coast), and when it came to English, my school's results were so good and the marking so thorough that they have been sent to the single state panel as the South Coast representative ... and I am the top of English. So, mind if I blow my own trumpet here? I'm the top South Coast English representative and thus one of the best English students in the state. I see this as pretty ironic, considering the fact I don't have the faintest clue about grammar and write by natural feel.

Positive #3: Top of Geography and SOR!

Negative #4: Burns continued the argument at morning tea and lunch, and at one point it turned physical. Really, I do not appreciate being punched in the stomach, especially not when I end up clinging to a pole after being winded. OK, so maybe I asked for it when I told Burns my children would make the existence of his appear to be worthless, but he does need to learn that physical responses ARE NOT NECESSARY.

Positive #4: SOR class, yay! SOR makes every school day bearable. I still find it hard to overcome my skepticism towards miracles and supernatural events, though.

Negative #5: THE HISTORY PANEL ARE GOING TO DIE! They didn't inform my school - or any others that do not have representative teachers on panel - of the research requirements, and thus everyone in my grade was dragged down significantly, myself included. As in, VERY significantly. We still have the research and the assignments, but because we did not present it in the specific manner desired, our marks took a dive. There are no VHAs left. None. I remain the highest student, on an HA10, and if my assignment this term is of a really good quality, I will be able to drag myself up to a VHA1 or 2, but I'm still really pissed off about this. I know my work is of a much higher standard. I could handle an HA10 if my work were an HA10, but I know it is at least a VHA5 or 6. History is my passion and I'm not bragging when I say I know I'm one of the best history students going around. To get slugged with this ... it's like a punch in the gut.

The simple fact is they want us to conform to a box. The way they desire us to present our research actually NEGATIVELY impacts my work. The depth of written notes and analysis that they require would destroy my ideas and creative flow, and ... it's just the total opposite of the way in which I work. I read sources, commit them to memory, and write my assignment from the facts within my head. Having to take dot-point notes was bad enough. Forcing us into a box like this is a disgrace to the schooling system, but the whole thing runs on this idea of conformity. LOOK, THERE ARE MULTIPLE WAYS IN WHICH TO DO RESEARCH. IF I WANT TO USE THE METHOD THAT PRODUCES THE BEST RESULTS, I FEEL I SHOULD BE PERMITTED TO USE THAT METHOD! I still provide sufficient evidence of research through bibliographies and footnotes - you can see where I got my information and how I compiled it, but because it's not the specific way the board wants it, it's just not good enough and my finished work suffers as a result. How does that work? Why should my final submission with adequate justification suffer because the way in which I came to it did not follow a specific method that DOES NOT WORK FOR ME? That is COMPLETELY AGGRAVATING. I know I am better than an HA10. I know I'm better than a VHA1 or 2. Ugh.

Positive #5: LJ spam is awesome and the more, the merrier! I've had a fun afternoon. Well, at least once I got home, I've had a fun late afternoon and evening.

Positive #6: U2 bootlegs are divine and my ears are in love.

Positive #7: City Of Blinding Lights is worthy of all the praises people throw its way. CAN'T. STOP. PLAYING. IT. (Except to listen to the aforementioned divine bootlegs.)

Amusing negatives = 1
Negatives = 5
Total negatives = 6

Positives = 7

Today has been a positive day.

Yes, I needed to do that to stop myself fuming over the Modern History debacle for the rest of the night.

I think that will do for today. I was going to write about some observations from English class - I actually came to an insightful realisation in spite of the immense stupidity that surrounds me in that room - but I really need to get back to memorising the speech. I think I can do it. I should be able to have it somewhat done by the end of tonight, with a bit of luck.

--- 9:07pm ---

Hee, great quote from a recent U2 article!

If you told me, when I first start listening to U2 in the early 80s, that some twenty years later, I'd be watching them play the BBC carpark in London, I'd have told you not to be so silly.

Of course, I wouldn't have believed you if you told me that. I would've probably said "My dad's bigger then your Dad". Though with U2, my band is bigger than your band. U2 are the biggest band in the world today. (Sure, maybe The Beatles, and Pink Floyd, and The Stones were bigger, but what have they done for you lately?).

So what the hell are they doing, playing a carpark, for Top Of The Pops? Christ only knows and Bono - depending upon your opinion - is either Christ, or knows him - so I'm sure all will become clear shortly.
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