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My day (the seriously condensed version)

Alarm went off at 6:45am. Slept until 7:15, rushed to get ready for school, somehow got out the door early. Went to school, had a rather informative Geography lesson, followed by a drama lesson during which I spent most of my time online, followed by a boring morning tea, followed by a German lesson during which the two people in the class who went on the trip to Germany talked about the trip (and then I spent 20 minutes writing out U2 lyrics off memory due to having nothing better to do). I also realise that the previous sentence has far too many instances of the word 'follow', but I'm too tired to care. Anyhow, I then came home early (reason shall follow), spent about 45 minutes online, then went to the thing that got me out of school early, the ceremony in which my Nana became an Australian citizen. We then went and had a big meal which was VERY nice - had the nicest lasagne of my life - and Nan got completely drunk (but was trying to act sober). Now I am home, it's quarter to eleven, and I wanted to be in bed half an hour ago. I think Lily is pissed off I didn't meet her again tonight, but I couldn't just pull out of this dinner. Anyhow, it's her loss, not mine.

And I can now play the guitar solo from New Years Day by U2 at the exact correct speed and everything. Shame I suck at chords, otherwise I'd learn the rest of the song. So instead I'm moving on to 11 O'clock Tick Tock, which has no chords at all. Bloody marvellous song, too.

Right, I would probably rant about a lot more things, but I'm tired and I'm going to bed soon. Yay, my Mum brought me a new pillow. Lately my old pillows have been giving me trouble, so hopefully this new, very big, and amazingly soft one will allow me a good night's sleep and not leave me with a sore neck in the morning.

Oh yes, school tomorrow is going to be dreadfully boring. We have some stupid leadership seminar. Ah well, at least I only have to wear my sports uniform instead of my formal one, so I can sleep in a few more minutes (no tie to waste time on or anything). Yay for me. Er, I was going to make some short mini-rant, but my tiredness is clouding my thoughts and so I think it would be much safer for anyone reading this if I went to bed and concluded this entry straight away.
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