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A somewhat disgruntled entry.

This is your latest pester to join darfur_crisis if you haven't already. Be aware and informed about what's happening in your world.


The original lyrics.

(Right, you have to ...)

Won't you get RAH tomorrow?
Won't you get RAH tomorrow?
Won't you get RAH tomorrow?
Will you watch RAH that night?

Outside, RAH is outside
RAH is sitting in the store
You have a car at the side of the road
Go to the store, go to the store
You're going out
You're going out to get RAH
You're going out there

Won't you get RAH tomorrow?
Won't you get RAH tomorrow?
Will you get RAH tomorrow? La-la-la-la ...

Will you break the window?
Will you break down the door?
Will you take the video?
And pay at the store?
Will you see the wounds? [As in, Bono's arm in a sling]
Will you like the RAH?
Open the door, open the door ...

Won't you get RAH tomorrow?
Won't you get RAH tomorrow?
Will you get RAH tomorrow?
Will you watch RAH that night?

Because I ... want you
I want you ... I really want, I want, I, I ...
I want you to get RAH tomorrow!
I want you to get RAH tomorrow!
Will you get RAH tomorrow? La la la la ...
Won't you get RAH tomorrow?
Won't you get RAH tomorrow?
Will you get RAH tomorrow?

Open up, open up to the video of RAH
To the video of they who made the music to hear
You're gonna get it, you're gonna get it, I believe it!
RAH is coming ...

You're gonna get it, you're gonna gett it, oh yeah
You're gonna get it, oh yeah, you're getting it there ...

You're getting it there ...

Ah, Rattle And Hum, what a classic. I find it amazing that the biggest band in the world in the year I was born remains the biggest band in the world. It is true - U2 are a band for the ages.

U2 managed to make the horrible socialness of last night seem somewhat more bearable. I managed to successfully hide in my room for most of the night, although there were lots of people milling around and it was quite noisy. At least, most of the time, the music wasn't loud enough to be heard over my headphones and I could stay in my sanctuary. But as people began to leave, I was coaxed into coming out into the lounge, though that did happen to involve a little bit of watching the cricket and discussing rugby with Nan, so it wasn't totally bad. The worst part started once everyone was gone, somewhere between 10 and 10:30. That's when I usually go to bed. I don't see what's so strange about that. This may seem shocking, but humans were made to be awake during the DAY, and I feel like I've wasted my day if I get up any later than 7am. I definitely like to be in bed, if not asleep, by 10:30pm. I'm a stickler for my routines and I value my sleep, so you can see that I wouldn't be too happy if I was prohibited from following through on my usual schedule.

Of course, last night, it wasn't to be. I put on my pyjamas, rubbed in some eczema cream, lay down on my bed ... and got hit by this wave of music. It was that bloody loud that it sounded like it was coming out of my bedside alarm/radio at high volume. I wouldn't play my own music that loud, and yet it was coming in from the lounge, so ... I'm not sure I really want to know how loud it was out there. It was at that point that I basically gave up on sleep, got up, made that aggravated edit to yesterday's entry, and then whacked the Rock's Hottest Ticker, 29 April 1987 bootleg on and turned it up loud in retaliation. It didn't really serve to make me feel much better, especially because, even with it up LOUDER THAN I HAVE EVER PLAYED ANYTHING ON MY STEREO BEFORE, I could STILL hear the music from the lounge, but nothing beats seriously loud U2. I decided I would try to lose myself in the beauty that is The Unforgettable Fire, but unfortunately, it didn't send me off to sleep like I hoped it would, and after turning it off at 11pm, I had to put up with well over forty minutes of Alan blasting some Jethro Tull DVD.

Yeah, that's right. Alan was in the lounge, rotten drunk, playing his music very loud. Today, he doesn't remember a second of it. Look, one of the quickest ways to lose my respect is to become smashed off your face. I do not see why anyone would waste their time by getting drunk, especially not to the point where Alan was, not giving a damn about anyone or anything else. It may seem like a petty whine, but if you're going to get drunk, don't do it around me, and it's probably a good idea to simply not let me know. Really, have some consideration for other people, and for yourself. There's no use in losing control of your senses or drinking a liquid that will cause you to be unintentionally incosiderate to others. What saddens me is that society seems to permit, even support, such behaviour. It bugs the crap out of me, and frankly, I'd like to be left alone to sleep in peace. If I want to hear loud music, I'll go to a rock concert or put it on myself AT A DECENT HOUR. 11pm, believe it or not, is not a decent hour and some people are trying to sleep.

On the topic of all things frustrating, some people apparently seem to have major problems with me. Alright, in that case, let's have a little discussion. This really does beg a number of questions, two of which are below.

1. Why am I still on your friends list?
2. What the hell have I done to piss you off?

Fact is, I've had a number of allegations levelled at me lately, but absolutely none of them have any supporting evidence. If you're going to say that I have done something wrong, why don't you state what specifically instead of throwing insults about? Don't just call me a name; tell me why you are prompted to do so. Oh, and by the way, flying off your nut is not cool, it just makes you look like you lack self-control. I'm sick and tired of this, especially because this is only coming from certain individuals and the insults are vehemently rejected by some of my closest friends, the people who know me best. I want to sort this out once and for all because I am sick of it. I don't want what are meant to be amusing entries to turn into flame wars in the comments section, and I don't want to be shot down just because I take an interest in the world and actually care about the fate of people who I do not directly know. I'm a political, theological kind of person, and I'm not going to change that just because someone's been rubbed the wrong way by my opinions. I never aim to alienate anyone or raise my stature. Those of you privy to certain posts of mine will be aware of what my self-confidence and -esteem are (or are not) like.

Ugh. I've got many more important things to post about than petty insults that have not been justified. I need to get back up to speed on the Darfur crisis and I feel totally out of the loop right now when it comes to events in the world. My time has been swallowed whole by school and Internet addiction. Only FOURTEEN more days of school, EVER. Tomorrow is a pupil free day, and ... wow, it's all coming up so soon. Fourteen proper school days, then exam period (on which I will likely only have to attend school on a couple of days), and on November 18 and 19 are the final formalities. The hell of high school is so nearly over. I said I could see the light at the end of the tunnel, and now I feel like it is washing over me and I am about to step out into the day.

... Into the half-light
And through the flame ...

I can't wait to let it go and watch it fade away. 19 November cannot come soon enough.

And I know the Bad quote doesn't really fit. I'm just absolutely in love with this song all over again. I stopped listening to City Of Blinding Lights to play the 7 November 1987, Denver bootleg that I had just downloaded in SHN, and ... guh, the amazingness of this song has just washed all over me. City Of Blinding Lights seems like it may just be on the classic level of songs such as Bad, too. Behind Streets, Bad is possibly the best song ever made. Those two songs are the perfection of Edge's minimalist craft.

--- 6:45pm ---

How to know your brain is disorganised: you sing a combination of In A Little While and So Cruel without even realising you're singing more than one song. Well, I found it amusing.
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