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Some days, I'm too lazy to think of decent subject lines.

I can't quite remember how we ended up discussing the topic of miracles in SOR, but that's where we ended up today. Actually, we didn't really, but miracles were mentioned, and that made me think. I come from an atheistic background, which has quite a bit of bearing on the way I see miracles. What must be remembered about atheism is that it is logical and rational, based upon what we can objectively see and prove. It perfectly suits a logical and rational person such as myself who demands proof before belief. When I was an atheist, it made sense and fitted with my personality. Needless to say, miracles were something I scoffed at. I would say they were faked, or only fooled stupid people, or simply were invented stories. Since when did miracles actually happen? Of course they didn't! What a foolish suggestion!

Things have come a long way since then in many regards, but I still view miracles in pretty much the same sense, and I have come to notice that today's Western society is even less accepting and more derogatory towards the occurrence of miracles than I ever was. I accept the miracles of Jesus quite alright, though I'm not sure why - I guess I see it as being part of the "I'm God in human form" deal. If it's someone else performing or experiencing the miracle, however, and especially if it is a modern day one, I am very skeptical. I struggle to accept it. The part of me that says "that couldn't/wouldn't/didn't happen" is still very active, and when you suggest a miracle to many people in society, they will roll their eyes at "that religious nonsense" and laugh. The objective proof of a miracle would just about be a miracle in itself.

It's very easy to think that miracles never happen, or don't happen in this day and age. The big, fancy ones that Jesus performed definitely don't seem to happen. When was the last time you met a guy who had walked on water after feeding a few thousand people with a couple tiny loaves of bread? Though I have a sneaking suspicion we don't have these miracles because we're that cynical of them that we wouldn't believe them even if they happened to us. If God will send his angels, and if God would send a sign, would anyone even notice? Though in any case, I say that Western man has recreated God in his own image. Rational, sane, and not prone to those silly miracles that we know can't happen. Hang on, God? Nah, he went out with the pagans (who, of course, have little relation to anything in this story, but we don't need to mention that).

I guess my point is that the reason we don't see evidence of miracles is that we would ignore it even if it was given to us. Or maybe that's a side point. I don't really know what I'm getting at with this entry. I had it somewhat planned out in my head, but that fell through and died a miserable death. Kind of like my belief in miracles, really. It's there, somewhere, but I sure don't notice it. The skeptical side of me always discounts even the possibility of most miracles. Sometimes, I feel they are something that only over-enthusiastic religious nuts believe in, and half the time they are fabrications or exaggerated stories.

But that's enough directionless rambling for now.

I need to learn to be more organised. How many times have I said that? A lot. My room is actually looking a little more organised than normal today because my mother came in and attacked the mess while I was at school. I walked in and just about died when I saw clear space on part of the pool table. It was a serious shock to the system.

I have three speeches to write in about two weeks. Well, one week for one of them. Yay?
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