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Wow, interesting day

Firstly, and the news I consider the most important (even though most of you will just roll your eyes), I have learnt how to play the main guitar solo from New Years Day by U2. The guitar solo in this song is officially my favourite of all time, and I simply cannot believe I can play it. The high-pitched part on the bottom string I can play at the exact speed and everything, but the bit straight after that still needs a bit of work - I'm not moving my fingers fast enough - but the end bit I also have perfect (when I don't accidentally forget the 3rd to last note!).

Alright, for all of you wondering what was happening with me meeting Lily ... I MET LILY THIS EVENING. So how did it go? It was rather boring, to be honest. Lily is not very talkative, so I kept on trying to make conversation, and I got very short answers. I must say she's not a very interesting person at all, and I got rather bored. After five minutes of talking to her in the lobby of her hotel, I was getting bored and trying to think of a reason to go, but I was polite and somehow we talked for about twenty minutes. After a few minutes, I got to the point of not having much to ask so I just rephrased previous questions. Then me and Mum had to go because she was meeting someone back at our place. Rather a relief that, actually, because I hate to think how boring things would've gotten if I'd had to talk for longer.

Her problem was that she was too shy. Sure, I'm a very shy person, but if I'm going to meet someone and the most important thing about this meeting is making conversation, then I'll make conversation. I'm actually quite good at that, but conversation requires the other person to provide substantial answers as well. I didn't get many of those out of Lily.

So what is she like personality-wise and what does she look like? Well, personality, as I said, a bit boring. I tried to strike up a conversation, but, honestly, I think we're rather different people and don't have a dreadful lot in common, so that doesn't help. She didn't do anything bad that I can spread around and we can all say "Remember when Lily did this to Andre when they met?", but it was only 20 minutes and in a hotel lobby. She's slightly shorter than me, and for someone who claims not to eat much, I'd love to know how she is the size she is. If she lost some weight she'd probably be quite pretty, I imagine.

Honestly, I wasn't that overly impressed at all. I got bored and I'll probably turn down her offer to meet again tomorrow night. Right now, I officially love my Drama assignment; it's an excuse to stay home. In fact, even if I did want to meet her, I'd probably end up being too busy on the bloody thing to be able to meet her. So yes, not the greatest company, but no 'dirt' to report, either. Sorry all of you who were looking forward to dirt. But now I know that she is real. I was expecting her not to be.

Moving on to other news. My first day of Term 3 was amazingly boring. I was dying to go home and get online, or play my guitar. English and Maths in particular were boring. Once we get our book for English, it might be mildly interesting - we're doing Shakespeare's Henry V (anyone read it? What did you think?) - but that won't be until Monday so during class this week we'll be dilly-dallying around doing pointless stuff. Grr. At least I won't be at English tomorrow. I'm leaving at about midday because my Nana is becoming an Australian citizen and I'm going to her ceremony.

Oh yes, I also believe I've stuffed my U2 quiz up. I'm very annoyed. Although my problem is making it too hard/easy. I could ask some dreadfully hard questions that your true U2 fan should know the answer to, but I fear it would result in the casual fan being totally stumped and being told they don't know who the band is. Urgh.

Anyhow, I shall be off. I need sleep - lay awake for 2 hours last night and only got 6 hours of sleep overall, which failed to impress me - and I have an e-mail or two to send before I get offline.

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