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There's no subject beyond this.

Today was the last first day back. It feels good to say that, it really does. I'm counting down the days - tomorrow is the 23rd-to-last day I will ever spend in high school. What's even better is that we only have one assessment item in each subject, which means I only have five things to do. Three assignments, two exams. Well, the German exam will be split into multiple ones as usual, but it feels nicer to count it as one.

At lunchtime, I realised I am really quite a horrible person ... and yet I somewhat liked it. Burns's mood had taken a sudden turn for the worse, and Jamie and I are pretty certain it's because he's finally discovered he's not getting something we desperately hope he does not get because we're thoroughly sick of his attitude. I couldn't help but grin, and then Jamie and I walked past him doing part of a Monty Python scene - "I feel happy! I feel happy!" It was probably horribly mean and I'm surprised Burns didn't lash out and try to kill us. But ... sometimes, such behaviour is warranted, and in Burns's case, it very much is. Now it sounds frighteningly immature, but I feel happy, I feel happy.

On a totally different note, our topic in Modern History this term is to do with racism and discrimination - hurrah, I can do Sudan! - and that would be fine if it weren't for the overemphasis that we've already had placed upon it, especially anti-Semitism. When my teacher read out the first option for the research assignment (we have to do a 6-8 minute presentation based upon a fully researched hypothesis), the second she said "anti-Semitism," a groan went up from some people. Sometimes I wonder if the overemphasis placed upon some topics causes people to turn against the promoted opinion - i.e. they turn against the anti-racist stance that is taught simply because they're tired of having the obvious forced down their throats. Seems like a strange idea, but the way some people respond to things, I'd be inclined to suspect that it actually does happen. People turn against Shakespeare for similar reasons relating to overemphasis.

Personally, I'd rather a different topic, something that we've never studied before. Racism has played a major role in history, but we've studied it before - we haven't done it to such depth and it's more been touched on as an issue relating to something else we've been studying, but nonetheless, it's something most people are very familiar with and they're well aware of how wrong it is and the terrible events it has caused. I would rather a topic on something people aren't so familiar with, something we haven't learnt about before. We've done surprisingly little on the Middle East, which I think is incredibly stupid considering the fact that's where much of history has been made. Even in recent history, the Middle East has been far more important than the USA or USSR. It's the stumblingblock of the whole world. Every student should be obligated to take a course on the region just so they can understand the forces at play and the influence they have on the whole world. The influence and power of various other regions has come and gone depending upon the time, but the Middle East has always had a critical importance in world history. One could be tempted to wonder why it's not called the Centre before striking off that thought as really lame.

I love it when school principals take twenty minutes to tell you "try to be good this term."

Weird things are happening on Interference. Personally, I'm not going to take sides. In fact, I'll just stay out of it altogether, even though I am curious as to what's going on. I've always felt on the fringe there, and although I'd like to satisfy my curiousity, there's utterly no real worth in trying to take any stance or even request information. It's not my place to do so. I just hope everything works itself out peacefully, even though it doesn't look like it will. I mean, come on, we're all U2 fans, and I've never met a nicer group of people so it really bothers me that whatever's happening is happening.
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