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OK, I've made two U2 quizzes on Quizilla. Only problem is, I tried to get my Mum to take them tonight, and I don't know what caused it, but the result would never load and it was driving me insane. If anyone decides to actually try them (there's a link to one in my previous entry), please tell me if it works for you or not.

Alright, now on LBMB Left Us Behind I appear to be coming second in the moderator elections. I'd like to win, but I'm not fussed really. I'm already a moderator over on RPG Central, and I have my own board, so ...

Lily finally got her act together and contacted me today. She'll be calling me tomorrow sometime after I get home from school and I'll probably get to meet her in the evening. She'll be in Surfers Paradise, and this pleases me greatly because I know it better than Brisbane, and my Mum knows it like the back of her hand. So I'm really on my own turf here, even moreso than in Brisbane. And I won't even have to meet her for long, phew.

I'm considering telling her about this Journal. Maybe when she gets back to the USA. Heh, I hate to think how she'd react when she reads some of this stuff. Like I care. Some of the crap she's done to me. One day when I really feel like venting, I'll post it.

Grr ... I have to go back to school in the morning. Have to be up at 7am, which does not please me. In fact, seeing it's the first day of term and I'm always dreadfully unorganised, maybe I should get up fifteen minutes earlier. That'd probably be a good idea, no matter how loathesome it may sound. Why can't I just sleep in until when I feel like waking up and rock up to school at a time that suits me? I'd learn better then because then I'd be totally refreshed and potentially motivated to learn. Urgh, I particularly hate maths. It is so insanely boring at times. Somebody needs to do something to liven it up, and fast. In fact, it's probably just my boring teacher because I recall loving maths and having heaps of fun in grade 9 with Queenie. He rocked. He was such a good teacher. Him and Robbo are the best maths teachers, AND they let us call them by their nicknames.

Ah, yay, I got the quizzes to work for Mum. Now I need to post my result for "What U2 song are you?"

Edge and Bono singing, possibly Gloria
You are Gloria! You're optimistic and great to be
around. Gloria first appeared on the October
CD in 1981 and an even better live version
appeared on Under A Blood Red Sky two years
later, and you are like that too: people like
you when they first meet you, and the more they
hang around you, the more they like you. If
you are a religious person, you most likely
have a joyous faith, and, if you're not, you're
optimistic and joyous about life.

What U2 song are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

I'm going to expand that quiz over time to include more songs, such as With Or Without You, Mysterious Ways, and Walk On. I just need to think of good responses for them and find appropriate pictures for the result (I couldn't find a decent picture for Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses so I scabbed a poor one off the music video for it).

Ah bugger, I have to get offline soon. Need to get a decent sleep before school, and I always have trouble getting to sleep at night. Hmmm ... I have this horrible feeling I've forgotten to do something tonight I really needed to do ... oh well, that's just too bad, isn't it?

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