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University and LAPOE.

I spent some time tonight looking up courses on UQ's website, seeing I need to make a decision very soon (by 30 September) on what courses to apply for ... and if anything, I've found myself more stuck than ever! I can enter up to six options, though I think I will only apply for three. In order, the Bachelors of Journalism, Arts, and Social Science. If I end up in Journalism, I'll turn it into a dual degree in Social Science as well, but if I end up in Arts ... that's where the real confusion strikes.

The question is essentially - will I do journalism? Well, the first question is whether I would stay in Arts or not, seeing the plan now is that I'll go into Arts and then transfer into Journalism at the first possible opportunity. However ... some of the other majors appeal to me greatly. This is where the confusion has struck. There are so many wonderful things on offer! I'm fearful that I'll end up with a pack of idiots just as moronic as some of the idiots I have to suffer with every day - in fact, that's basically a certainty, seeing the place will be over-run by teenagers who can legally buy alcohol - but the actual courses sound amazing. Majors in Classical Greek, History, Latin, Philosophy, Russian, Studies of Religion, and Writing! It's like a fantastic dream, and also a nightmare because I know I couldn't possibly do them all. It's not fair, it's really not. How am I meant to choose when I have so many awesome options open to me? I just worry that some of my fields of interest have no job prospects so it's entirely useless for me to, say, take honours in both Latin and Greek and then receive Classics Honours. That's useless. But so wonderful it's not funny. I hate being caught in this spot.

Why can't someone just pay me to stay in university all my life? I should become a professor or something ...

On a totally different note, LOVE AND PEACE OR ELSE HAS LEAKED! It's not the total song, though it's most of it, it's over three and a half minutes long, and I have been repeating it for most of the day. It is just wonderful, it really is. Edge's guitar drives on, Adam and Larry are rock-solid, and Bono's voice is sounding the best it has sounded in about ten years. The chord progression is quite addictive, and then suddenly, in the last minute, it drops off a la I Will Follow before Edge launches into a stunning solo! Is this an Edge driven record? LAPOE basically screams out that "YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT!" The way the song moves along, it reminds me of Womanfish, with the bluesy influence of Trip Through Your Wires, and from what I can make out of the lyrics, it is thematically akin to Exit, in its condemnation of religious extremism.

In a sentence, LAPOE is Womanfish meets Trip Through Your Wires with elements of I Will Follow. That said, it must be remembered that Womanfish is the louder, drunker side of Trip Through Your Wires, so the two songs are related already. But guuhh, this clip is so addictive! (Nearly) A whole song! It's almost too good to believe, and there's no annoying Spaniards gibbering away over the top, just the waves rolling in and out.

This song is going to be AMAZING live. If Edge decides to extend out that solo - which he will - it is going to completely rock the stadium (STADIUM, yes: this album will have big music no arena could contain). As long as Bono's voice manages to hold up, we could be in for the best tour since Lovetown. And if it's in stadiums, the visual effects will leave ZooTV and Popmart choking.

Study is hell. Utter hell. Especially when you are thoroughly incapable of doing it. But alas, I must return to my German and try to learn something.

--- 9:07pm ---

If you haven't heard LAPOE and would like to, leave your e-mail and I can send you a copy. I have both the original leak and a cleaned up copy someone made, so specify which you'd like. I personally prefer the original, but most seem to prefer the cleaned up one.
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