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U2 goes Atomic.

Today was the Modern History exam on the Cuban Missile Crisis. It was pretty easy on the whole, even if I did spend twenty minutes on the last question. Though that was because the question was in depth, not because it was hard - when extracts are right in front of you, it's not very hard to find examples of how the US has acted dishonestly, immorally, and even illegally. Response to stimulus exams are usually pretty easy, considering that the questions are fairly obvious and the answers are right in front of you. It's the length and sometimes the difficulty in interpretation that can really get you.

On Thursday, I have my four German exams and then THAT'S IT. I have to finish (and start) my Maths C assignment from last term tonight, because Mum's dropping it in to school for me tomorrow morning ... I really hope I manage to get it done. I don't feel like doing it. It's a shame quitting the subject didn't give me the freedom to elect not to hand it in, but it counts for last term, when I am said to have still been in the subject. Blah.

I'm feeling in two minds about German. On the one hand, when I sit down and study, I seem to make pretty good progress. On the other, it looms as this big, fearful force that I don't think I can handle. So it could go any way. Yeah, lovely. You'd think that because I'm on some kind of warpath against aaron_3521, I'd try harder, but ... eh. What happens, happens.

I have to gloat here. It's a few days late, but I can't resist any more. To my American friends, New Zealand absolutely smashed you lot in the cricket! It's a beautiful thing! I know your side is totally worthless and this isn't exactly an accomplishment, but I still took great joy from hearing New Zealand had beaten the USA at something! And beaten in grand style, too! With some stunningly beautiful fours and sixes to boot! Oh, and just so you all know, Australia totally thumped the American team, too. Australia versus New Zealand is going to be a really good match, though I am not so confident about NZ's chances. Come on Astle, hit another century!

So there's been speculation for quite a while, and various rumours have been flying around. Well, it's time to put them all to rest. The new U2 album will be called ... *drumroll* ...


What a title! As far as U2 album titles go, I feel it's in the top three with Under A Blood Red Sky and Zooropa. Some of you will have already heard my analysis ... but here I go again!

I think it is an absolutely fantastic title. Anyone who knows U2 will know they don't mean a literal atomic bomb, and I imagine it will refer to multiple things. Whatever the case, this title has POWER. It carries a weight and force that grabs you by the throat and makes you pay attention. Not only does it tell you there IS an 'atomic bomb' and it is ACTIVE, it quite crucially tells you there are ANSWERS. It will be a record of big sounds, explosive themes (pardon the pun), and I do not feel it will be anger, but rather answering anger. It's like the answer to the raging of the eighties. Back then, we couldn't believe the news today, the sky was either running red or being shot, and the pistol felt heavy or it had just put a hole in your head (Sunday Bloody Sunday, New Year's Day, Bullet The Blue Sky, Exit, The Cry/The Electric Co.). Now, I get the feeling we have the completion of the aggression, through the provision of solutions and answers.

The themes will be big. It will be relevant to the world now, but like U2, relevant always. It will be typical U2 in that they won't shy away from the serious issues, but instead confront them head-on. This won't be some wimpy, "my mummy won't let me stay out all night" album, but rather something that tells you to REBEL AGAINST YOUR OWN INDIFFERENCE. The title is, very appropriately, a difficult one, just like Neil McCormick said. It doesn't roll easily off the tongue, and it shouldn't. Dismantling an 'atomic bomb' of any type is not an easy or smooth job. This difficulty doesn't reduce the power of the title, though - just mentioning an atomic bomb makes you turn around. Titles like Boy fly right past you, but How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb gets your attention, and most likely keeps it.

Of course, all that is pure speculation. I'm trying to interpret the whole sound and theme from a title, and while I think I'm getting some pretty distinct implications, it could most likely be taken in many other ways as well. Whatever the case, this album is certainly going to be AWESOME. Why do I think that? U2 wouldn't care put the word 'bomb' in the title of an album if they didn't feel it was some of the best music to have ever been made by four men in a room. Regardless of the actual sound, I feel that simple fact means this will be the fourth album to enter the U2 canon of legendary albums (I don't care what anyone says, The Unforgettable Fire is the third classic, damnit!). Watch out - U2 aren't just back, they're back in a big way. And with a promotional budget of ten million British pounds (almost eighteen million US dollars), you won't need me to know about it!

Wow, talk about analysing something to absolute pieces! It's like what I did to the six confirmed song titles ... just worse.

Oh, and themegs is clearly a bad influence upon me. You'd think I'd be listening to the new U2 leaks (the Restless Beach With Spaniards mixes), but because she mentioned the Talking Heads a couple of days ago, guess what I'm listening to! Once in a lifetime, just once.

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