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Contents: U2 setlist, Modern History essay, terrorism, and the Vertigo single.

Earlier this week, paradoxicalbum designed a setlist for what he considered would be the greatest Dream Theater concert ever, and told me to do a similar thing for U2. And so I shall, because I'm a setlist freak.

Explanation of terms;
--> = song flows into the next with at least one band member playing/singing on through the transition.
/ = songs are inextricably linked. Really, can anyone even say where The Cry ends and The Electric Co. begins?
Comments in italics = relevant notes on the performance.

I'm not allowing for Bono to talk. These songs are meant to flow perfectly, even if all band members wholly stop before beginning the next tune. If Bono wants to do one of his rants, he can do it in the middle of a song (i.e. "Fuck the Revolution" from Sunday Bloody Sunday, 8 November 1987) or tell a story during the intro of the song (i.e. "Dream it all up again" from Love Rescue Me, 30 December 1989)

Main set
Where The Streets Have No Name - No intro required. Background goes red, organ blasts over the stadium, and band enter progressively, a la JT/Lovetown tour. If Bono has time, he can recite William Wordsworth's Resolution And Independence or Psalm 116 during the instrumental intro.
One Tree Hill
Exit --> Gloria - Van Morrison's Gloria
In God's Country
Pride (In The Name Of Love)
Trip Through Your Wires
Desire --> All Along The Watchtower
MLK --> The Unforgettable Fire
God Part II
Gone --> Until The End Of The World --> Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses
One --> She's A Mystery To Me - Full band performance of SAMTT
All I Want Is You/Bad* --> Please --> October --> New Year's Day

*Because it's just too detailed to insert there: (AIWIY solo blends into first notes) Bad --> Ruby Tuesday (snippet) --> Sympathy For The Devil (snippet) --> Final verse of Bad and Edge solo --> Walk On The Wild Side (snippet) --> Candle In The Wind (snippet) --> Fool To Cry (snippet) --> The First Time (first and second verses and chorus) (Adam's Please bass kicks in). It's epic, I know. I'm basically just combining all the best of Bad, though tragically omitting the 'come on down' verse from the UF Tour. This would surely beat the record for the longest performance, which I believe is around the 15-16 minute mark.</i>

Set on b-stage
Band leaves the stage besides Edge, who goes to the b-stage in the middle of the crowd.
Van Diemen's Land - solo.
Larry and Adam join him.
Seconds - sans Bono.
Larry and Adam leave, Bono appears and joins Edge.
Two Shots Of Happy, One Shot Of Sad - Bono and Edge duet.
Angel Of Harlem - A la Slane Castle; Edge plays the first verse on electric guitar with Bono singing, and then Adam and Larry reappear for the rest of the song.
When Love Comes To Town - Edge sings the "I was there when they crucified my Lord" verse, Adam and Larry sing the chorus after that.
Stay (Faraway, So Close!) - Full band, Bono also on guitar.
Tomorrow - Edge on that whistle thing for the first half of the song.
Surrender --> Two Hearts Beat As One --> Gloria - Bono dances through the crowd during Surrender, extending the performance past the ten minute mark. During Gloria, he introduces the band with false names ("Larry McGuiggin on drums, ladies and gentlemen!") and ends it with a snippet of Van Morrison's Gloria ("Gloria, in te domine, gloria, GLORIA! G-L-O-R-I-A!") before falling backwards into the crowd.

Encore #1
Promenade --> 4th Of July --> Hawkmoon 269 - Bono appears mysteriously up in the crowd on one side of the stadium, Edge on the other. They perform Promenade, and then Bono vanishes, while Edge walks through the crowd to the main stage, playing 4th of July and the long Hawkmoon intro and arrives at the stage as the rest of the band appear.
Dirty Day --> Bullet The Blue Sky --> Running To Stand Still --> Hallelujah --> Dirty Old Town - Bullet The Blue Sky has the extended ZooTV solo. Edge plays RTSS on guitar. Larry sings Dirty Old Town.
Heartland --> With Or Without You --> Shine Like Stars --> Love Will Tear Us Apart

Encore #2
Zooropa - Long, long intro with the media barrage of ZooTV, featuring the best of what came before Zoo Station and Daddy's Gonna Pay For Your Crashed Car, combined with the actual studio intro of Zooropa. Edge then takes the stage, playing the distorted guitar, and the others soon join him.
Beautiful Day
Last Night On Earth --> The Fly

Encore #3
I know U2 concerts only have two encores, but this is my greatest ever concert and I'll do what I like. I'll also make this encore as long as I feel like.
The Cry/The Electric Co. --> Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me --> Children Of The Revolution
I Will Follow
11 O'clock Tick Tock --> The Ocean --> A Sort Of Homecoming - When you think about it, that actually works!
Sunday Bloody Sunday - First verse played slowly, a la some Joshua Tree tour performances. Song is played twice like at Cork, 8 August 1987.
40 --> Help --> 40 --> Feed The World (Let Them Know It's Christmastime) --> 40 - Epic performance combining the best of 40, best additional verses of 40, and the best snippets inserted into 40 to create something that beats the 31 January 1985 performance for ultimate length. For the record, the 31/01/85 performance went for 16:45. 40 was 2:36 in the studio. Edge and Adam, of course, swap instruments.

Additional notes;
- Bono has a mullet. Not just any old mullet, but the 21 November 1984, Dortmund mullet, this mullet:
- Adam has an afro, this afro:
- Edge has the really long hair from Lovetown and dresses like a pirate.
- Larry takes to the stage looking like the last twenty-six years were just a dream and he still has the haircut from the Street Mission video clip. Oh, and he's wearing combat boots and funny seventies clothing. He tries not to smile, but occasionally he's caught grinning his face off.
- As I have already pretty clearly implied, it is in a stadium (if I have my way, the 'Gabba in Brisbane), with a large stage combining the best features of Popmart (the gigantic screen - can you imagine the red background for Streets? Oh wow) and the best of ZooTV (smaller screens scattered around the side of the big screen, complete with staircases for Bono to run up), along with the best of modern technology. A laser show during some songs, explosions during songs like UTEOTW and SBS and Bullet, and fake snow blasted out over the crowd during New Year's Day. Fireworks during songs like Gloria. Must be on a crisp, clear night to really enhance WOWY.
- The b-stage is in the very centre of the audience, linked to the main stage by two catwalks in a similar shape to the heart of Elevation. The b-stage itself is circular, and in the middle is a trap door that band members can rise up and 'fall' down through.
- Edge absolutely must play his 1976 Gibson Explorer for a large number of songs.
- Bono's voice is in absolute peak condition, a perfect mix of War with JT/Lovetown. During the second encore, he wears the bubble suit from Popmart.

I think that's about it. Ahh, it's such a sweet dream ...

So, on Wednesday, we had our Modern History exam. In an hour, we had to write 500-800 words agreeing or disagreeing with an unseen hypothesis on American imperialism. And what did the hypothesis prove to be?

"The history and development of the USA into a major imperial power can be directly attributed to her colonial beginnings."

Have at it.

For the record, I agreed with the hypothesis and argued it on the basis on the intracontinental imperialism of the nineteenth century, intercontinental imperialism that began with the 1898 Spanish-American War and continues to today, and the fervent fight against communism during the Cold War. Essentially, I linked it all back to the desire to be a "city upon a hill" that would be a shining example to the world and promote and spread democracy and capitalism. I guess it was probably quite easy, though it didn't feel like that at the time, especially with the time constraints. Sixty minutes is really not enough time to write a nicely detailed history essay.

There shouldn't be as much worries about time in the other Modern History exam, the response to stimulus one on the Cuban Missile Crisis on Tuesday afternoon. I'm loving my four day weekend, though I better get to marking good Macbeth quotes in preparation for the English exam Monday morning. I don't think I'll be doing all that much relaxing over the next three days, especially considering how I wasted away yesterday.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that photograph on the BBC's website. Considering that, it's incredible to read that only nine are dead and 180 injured! I think the first thing I said when I saw that photo was, "the dead toll has to be higher than that!" I mean ... wow. That's an explosion and a half.

It seems a lot of people are saying this was the work of Jemiyyah Islamiyyah, but I actually haven't seen any proof or evidence in favour of such a position. Just because an attack resembles others in the past doesn't necessarily prove it was the work of JI. A U2 cover band may sound a lot like U2, but they aren't actually U2, so on the same token, I don't feel anyone should jump to conclusions and say this attack was by JI until there's actual evidence to prove such a position rather than sheer similarities.

We've now got confirmed details on the release of Vertigo. It will be released in multiple formats, and the b-sides will be spread out over them: some will be remixes by a DJ I've never heard of named Jacknife Lee, which disappoints me because we had more than enough remixes in the nineties, but there will also be two PROPER b-sides ... or at least one. It's called Are You Gonna Wait Forever (seems U2 fans will for a release) and we have no details yet on it. The other is not an original U2 song, which annoys me, but rather a cover of the song Neon Lights by some German group named Kraftwerk. I've actually had an MP3 of this on my hard drive for ages and thought nothing of it, and barely listened to it, so I was more than surprised to see it crop up as a Vertigo b-side. I've now played it over a few times, and I must say, the piano is beautiful, though there are a few clearly artificial effects in the song that could have quite happily stayed back in the nineties. Bono's voice doesn't sound surprising - it has that soulful rasp to it and makes me long for the powerful voice of Lovetown. All in all, I feel it is a very nice cover, though I'm not quite so sure of how it will sound with Vertigo, which is meant to be quite the rocker (and sounds like it too).
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