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We're not living in a place called Vertigo right now!

We were had. WE WERE FUCKING HAD. We're desperate U2 fans and Indie 103.1 played us for fools. There are no words. I hope that lawsuit is launched. I hope Principle Management sues their arse for false advertising. I hope Henry Rollins is fired into the sun. I can't believe it.

That was low. That was SO LOW. That was the very depths of low, the Marianas Trench of low.

It takes a lot to turn peaceful, friendly U2 fans into a vicious, infuriated, enraged mob. But just go look on Interference. If we were in a room and Rollins entered, I think he would have been ripped to pieces long before I got to lay a finger upon him.

I wanted to make a serious entry today, but 103.1 has basically gone and pissed off the whole online fanworld. How can they be so stupid? THEY SAID THEY WOULD PLAY VERTIGO AND THEY DIDN'T. That's false advertising, no matter how you cut it. Not only that, but they played the shittiest U2 'marathon' ever, got Henry Rollins on to talk about how much U2 apparently suck, and then played some of the worst music I've ever heard in their desperate quest to 'save the audience from U2'. I'm only just starting to calm down. Interference has gone absolutely insane, I've never seen anything quite like this before!

Now, as I analyse it, it's starting to seem a bit trivial, but wow, it's still so absolutely aggravating, they just stirred up fans and blatantly falsely advertised. We were all so bloody excited, so thrilled we were going to hear Vertigo, I dashed home from school and eagerly sat at my computer, waiting for this leak, but ... they screwed us over. Bastards. You had to be a part of it to really comprehend just the magnitude of this deception.

I'm just glad I wasn't one of the people who sat listening to the online feed for hours upon hours upon hours. I'm almost thankful for school, because I would have been listening to it if I had been home! To those of you who could put up with that asinine, rubbishy, pathetic crap - I salute you, your bravery, and your fanaticism! That took stamina and guts.

The world demands Vertigo. 103.1 just made themselves look like a pack of brainless morons.


Do you like the sounds of cutting ten exams down to six? Do you like the idea of never doing maths ever again? Yeah, so did I. So I quit Maths B and C. And they'll still appear on my senior certificate! Ahahaha! It's so wonderful to beat the system. Now I can devote my energies to subjects I actually, gasp, like! And there go two worthless assignments too, though I still need to do the one from last term that I never got around to doing. Oh well. What a tragedy. Can you see me in mourning now?

Oh, LJ folks at Interference, what's your screen names there? I think I know most of you, but I fear in the last couple of hours, in the blind, maddenning anti-103.1 fury that I was a part of, I managed to muddle them.

Anyway. Tomorrow, I'll make that serious entry I wanted to make today. I also have a history in-class essay exam on the topic of American cultural imperialism. Should actually prove to be interesting. Did I just call an exam interesting? Yeah, I've gone mad. Have a good one, folks!
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