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New U2 and other topics.

To clear up any confusion, poor quality clips of portions of the following songs have been leaked;

- All Because Of You
- Vertigo
- Love And Peace Or Else
- Miracle Drug - or whatever it's supposed to be called, anyway

In order of how good I think they are;

1. Vertigo
1. Miracle Drug
2. Love And Peace Or Else
3. All Because Of You

I really cannot decide between Vertigo and Miracle Drug. Vertigo is upbeat, absolutely amazing, an incredible song that rocks awesomely. Miracle Drug, even from the shitty clip, sounds ethereal, atmospheric, like The Unforgettable Fire album meets With Or Without You and Kite. Edge's guitar in Miracle Drug is just amazing, soaring along somewhat like in Kite, and I seriously can imagine them being played together live. I'm also tentatively suggesting the possibility of Vertigo and Elevation. I can imagine Miracle Drug will be one of those incredible U2 landscapes that soars and completely captures the imagination, something that I do not feel they have done since All I Want Is You in 1989 and did to absolute perfection on The Unforgettable Fire album.

Love And Peace Or Else? I remarked "drive on The Edge" and I feel that's quite apt. The song powers along with an undeniable force and it seems like Adam and Larry are going all out on this album too, but it's definitely driven by Edge. All the clips we have would lead me to believe that the talk about a guitar album is absolutely true. This may sound repulsive to some, but I actually think LAPOE is driven by a force that seems like a developed, good Miami. I don't like Miami, but it just seems to evoke thoughts about the positive aspects of that song in my mind. Miami's ruined by the lyrics - it's like Bono was drunk or something and wasn't thinking about what was coming out of his mouth. The actual music is very good.

In any case, from what we've heard of the new songs, this album sounds absolutely amazing. I think U2 have done it again. UF, JT, AB, and now this. This is going to knock people over sideways. I. Cannot. Wait.

Due to popular demand, I am going to poll something now.

Should Axver shave?

Yes, shaving is good.
No, grow some facial hair!
I don't care. Either or.

As it stands, I'm too lazy to be bothered. I'm waiting for the school to point out the official policy that says males are to be cleanshaven. When they do, I'll point out the amount of male teachers with beards or moustaches or other facial hair and go on a rant about hypocrisy. Fun, fun.

Actions that result in your face or leg bleeding in class are not advisable. Believe me, I know.

I've already spent two and a half hours on maths today, and tonight I'll probably spend at least another one or two. I hate it how I have so much work to do, and I am particularly annoyed at myself for doing NONE of it over the weekend. Bah, I feel stupid and slack now.

You know, some days I want to escape from this terribly mundane existence. The mountains call to me more. Sigh. Anyway. I should go reply to comments and do my assignments.

Oh, by the way, would any of the members of darfur_crisis mind posting some updates on the situation for the next week or two? I would really appreciate that.
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