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An interrupted entry.

Sign you are having a bad day #45028: You have a song by Limp Bizkit stuck in your head. Make that two. Songs, not heads.

I am so very doomed with my Maths C exams on Thursday. I know I won't get enough study done, and I still have the assignments to get out of the way too. Can we say eeep?

Last night, I accompanied Mum up to the AFL (Aussie Rules football) between Brisbane and St Kilda. For the non-Australians, it may be worth noting that this is the finals and Brisbane have won the premiership three years running. This game was not critical, because if they lost, they still had another chance, but a victory meant that they could have next week off and, of course, kick off the finals series on a positive note.

For the first half of the game, I was pretty much lost in thought and not so happy about being there. The game was yet to win me over, and as I have remarked before, I consider AFL to be rugby union for men who like wearing short shorts. I elaborated on that one with a theory last night;

Rugby union is men passing a ball. AFL is men chasing a ball.
In rugby union, the men control the ball. In AFL, the ball controls the men.

Out of all of the sports I am familiar with, I would have to say AFL is the most disorganised and chaotic, with the least amount of control exercised over the ball as possible. The rugby fan in me kept on having the urge to scream out "LOST FORWARD!" and "KNOCK ON!" and "FORWARD PASS!" These guys don't even know how to pass the ball properly - they pretty much chuck it - and I am doubtful that there is much real strategy in the game. At least not compared to something highly tactical like soccer or rugby union. We won't mention rugby league. That's tactical football for pansies.

That, however, is not a criticism of AFL. I do get annoyed when the ball is bounced when it does not pop out of a tackle or otherwise goes to ground, and I do not like the fact that if the ball goes out of the field of play, neither side is favoured in the throw-in, but when it actually gets going, it is very thrilling to watch, and the players do have an awesome ability to kick the ball. I do suspect that a crossbar would pose major challenges to their abilities, however.

In any case, after half time, things really picked up. Brisbane ran away with the game. I've been to the AFL twice, and each time, it has been a flogging and a half. At one point last night, it was 143-43 (or some similar 100-point margin), and the final score was 149-69. St Kilda brought the margin back into double figures during the last ten minutes, when the crowd wasn't even paying attention to the game. The 'Gabba crowd went absolutely insane. I've never seen anything quite like it. The Mexican wave went around the stadium SEVEN times. I just couldn't believe it. Those things don't even usually make it around ONCE. But we went up seven times, and from there, everyone basically lost it. Mum brought a radio with us, and the commentator described it as "like being at the Roman Coliseum."

However ...

Attn: Drunk Git Sitting Beside Me,

You are not cool. Every beer you drink makes you look and sound even more stupid than you probably are. Your jokes are not funny. The phrases you're yelling at the players and referees are pathetic at best. You don't even sound like you've mastered the English language. Your mate beside you needs to figure out what team he's supporting. In fact, you probably do too. Do you even know what sport you are at?

Never go to a live sporting event again,
The Poor Sod Sitting Beside You

Oh, one other observation I must make about AFL is the absolute lack of respect anyone has for the referees. The crowd and players both appear to loathe their very existence, and no level of respect at all exists. Besides Australian referees (specifically Stuart Dickinson), a measure of fairly good respect of match officials exists in the rugby union world, and in cricket, the umpires are gods. You do not dare to abuse the umpire, and even if you think his decision is foolish, he is still not worthy of the label of "idiot." I love cricket - it's sport, civilised style.

We interrupt this entry for an important U2 announcement. have leaked ANOTHER snippet of new U2, reportedly Love And Peace Or Else. It is VERY hard to hear (due to the low volume of the recording, not due to chatter), and all I will say is this - "Drive on The Edge!" Furthermore, apparently a US radio station has played a short snippet of studio quality Vertigo that sounds absolutely amazing, and we should be hearing leaks within the next two weeks. There are rumours circulating that BBC1 are going to play the whole song within the week. DJs already having and some think it will leak to the Internet within days or hours. Whatever the case, THE WAIT IS OVER. We will have mindblowing U2 within twenty days. Even at the latest, new U2 is less than three weeks away. It's hard to believe it. It still hasn't sunk in yet for me. It's actually happening. What we have been waiting for for FOUR YEARS is finally happening. It's finally happening. I'm shaking, I really am.

We now return you to the regular entry.

purplicious requested that I find a particular photograph. I couldn't, but I did find some funny ones from when I was younger. Guess who the fellow on the right is. Yes, I always had stage presence.

I say I look like a rabbit in this photo. And woah, how big did my glasses want to be?

Even from an early age, I was destined for greatness. What happened?

Maybe brushing my teeth poisoned me or something and squandered my talent? Who knows. But I think this is about as cute as photos of me get.

Well, that was fun, wasn't it?
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