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It's only just starting to dawn on me. The most important series of exams, the assessment tasks that people dread for years, the one big object of doom that loomed on my horizon ... and I've done it. It no longer exists for me. Can we say woohoo? You better believe it!

The first question on the second multiple choice paper caused a lot of us to become stuck. It was relatively simple mathematics, but none of the options to choose from were correct. Or so it seemed. This is the group of four people I discussed the question with after the exam;

Sam - Although his marks may not show it, he's amazingly gifted at mathematics and physics when you apply it practically (as the QCS does). In Maths B and C.
Aaron - Pretty good with his mathematics, follows how it's done. In Maths B and C.
Myself - Former top of maths, don't care any more but in something like the QCS, my natural ability shines through. In Maths C and technically B too.
Jamie - Dropped out of Maths B two and a half years ago. In Maths A.

Who do you think figured it out? One of the three students clearly gifted at mathematics and in the most advanced course you can take, or the guy who takes the significantly easier Maths A? It's like a bad joke or a cliched movie. In my own words, "DAMN YOU AND YOUR BASIC MATHS A SKILLS!"

Now, going back to the short response exam that I was determined to subjugate the hell out of. I think I pretty much did that on some questions, did somewhat averagely on others ... and then there was one maths question. Now with an ENLARGED COPY, you would think I'd read a cubed radius as a cubed radius, wouldn't you? I read it as a freakin' SQUARED radius and my result was thus totally destroyed. The even greater irony is that an absurdly easy question earlier on in the paper involved correcting mathematical mistakes in two given items of working. In Johnno's words, "You dork." Dork in more ways than one.

Speaking of Johnno, we spent a good while - 20? 30? minutes - talking to him during the break we had between the exams, and talk about classic. Hitch-Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy can lead to so much hilarity, and I think I need to acquire a drop bear and hoop snake. Oh, and people, we're raising money to buy contact lenses for cross-eyed multicoloured Siberian drop bears. They're $10,000 a pop, so donate immediately!

On a totally different topic, I've mentioned before that although I don't have dreams often, when I do have them they are pretty weird. Well, not only have I had two dreams in two nights, but one of them was more freaky than it should have been. Someone (who I know, but can't accurately remember) was unfolding a sheet in the kitchen at night with the lights off, and myself and some unidentified others were watching. Weird enough already, huh? The person holding the sheet decided to fling it open over the sink, and so they did ... and it morphed into a black ghost. No, not black as in the race, as in this ghost was not white and transparent, it was black and transparent. A normal ghost is creepy, but one that is black on a pitchblack night? That's going too far.

My imagination decided to compensate me last night. That was a fun dream. I really can't wait for March now.

I've just realised I've forgotten a number of birthdays lately, specifically athanasius7 and screendoor3. So, uh, happy late birthday? I really should've remembered Mike's, seeing it's the exact day U2 first played at Slane Castle, opening for Thin Lizzy ... bah, anyway.

Here's something serious for you - no-one at all seems to be aware of the recent terrorist attacks on two planes in Russia. I thought everyone was worried about airline security? I guess that if it doesn't happen in North America, Western Europe, or Australia, it's just not important.

Looks like it's September. Welcome to Nearly Summer Again spring, even if it's the coldest day we've had in a while. Um, yay?

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