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I've only done half of the QCS but I'm already desiring that it die a fiery death.

LJ thing going around. I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon before it headed off into the sunset. Enjoy!

1. Comment to this entry with an imaginary post you think would be totally out of character for me to make--something I'd never talk about, never discuss, never say, anything. It has to be completely out of character for me.

2. Post this in your own journal.

There's also one where you comment and ask my opinion of you, but I'm sure you all know exactly what I think. It's not as if I've ever hid my liking or contempt for anyone.

I suddenly like Two Hearts As One. Thank you, 7 November 1984, Glasgow. I had various parts of that gig stuck in my head today, which was tremendously convenient because it hypes me up and keeps me positive. The performance of Surrender is classic - Bono labels Adam Clayton as "the funky chicken himself," says he wanted Bruce Springsteen to be the President of the USA, claims that "it's fun to pretend to be American on election night" and starts singing Van Morrison's Gloria and some other random song.

Anyway. The multiple choice exam STANK. I've realised I've definitely got one question wrong ... I still think I've totally flogged the state average, though. I should get a pretty good mark, whatever the case. I need my extra time, though - I don't know how the folks with normal vision and therefore no time extensions manage to finish. The writing task stimulus sheet was thankfully a very good one, about 'What matters,' and I responded to a particular stimulus section referring to humans being the most arrogant species who don't live as a part of the world but instead believe they rule it. The required length is 600 words, they take off marks if you go below 550 or over 750, and mine ... well, I have my first draft here. Judge for yourself.

Although I typed this from reading my draft, I'm pretty sure I made all the corrections I did in my final copy, so this is essentially a copy of what I submitted.

A Call For The Rest Of The Bloody Title!

For centuries, even millennia, humanity has failed to appropriately comprehend its position and role in this fragile world. Through widespread patterns of behaviour and commonly-held beliefs that have flourished since the Industrial Revolution, some in society have acted with the arrogant assumption that humanity possesses the world and its natural resources. This has led to environmental degradation, and without careful reconsideration, there is the dire potential of environmental and economic destruction in the future.

Prominent domineering attitudes towards the world are currently unsustainable and must urgently be reconsidered and revolutionised to facilitate an interaction with the world that is harmonious and sustainable. Many ancient cultures possessed a deep understanding and lived successfully with the natural environment. The Egyptians mastered and sustainably utilised the yearly inundations of the Nile, while on the opposite side of the world, Australia's Aborigines lived in harmony with their arid home for thousands of years. However, the worldwide spread of Western civilisation, encouraged by the technological gains of the Industrial Revolution and characterised by a belief in the dominance of man, has caused the fragile balance of the world to disintegrate. Worldwide rule by Western culture fostered a domineering attitude amongst many and development surged forward without respect to environmental considerations. Humanity outstepped its bounds and sought to subjugate the world rather than work with it. The continued perpetration of such attitudes cannot be permitted, and thus government policy and educational systems must undergo broad change to provide a new direction that corrects errant behavioural attitudes and provides a sustainable world for future generations who are taught to be mindful of their role.

Without this necessary re-evaluation, the whole world will be plunged into environmental crisis. Many would argue such a crisis is already underway, and whatever the case, future environmental concerns are of grave importance and should significantly matter to policymakers and ordinary citizens alike. Since the Industrial Revolution, levels of pollution have risen astronomically and wreaked havoc with weather systems and seasons. Although measures such as the Kyoto Protocols have worked to reduce pollution, underdeveloped nations and multinational corporations exploiting legal loopholes have continued to pollute the planet at levels that can best be described as exorbitant and excessive. Until this pollution is curtailed and resource abuse abolished, environmental harmony cannot be achieved, for humanity will not be living as part of the planet but as an overlord acting arbitrarily and wantonly.

Today's economy thrives on humanity's disharmonious and arrogant belief that it owns the planet, but it could not possibly survive in the long term. If mankind did not believe it had a righteous claim to the world's resources and if it did not act without regard for environmental sustainability, the worldwide economy run by Western civilisation could have never been established, but as non-renewable resources are depleted and the environment degraded, the economy's position becomes untenable. It is far from alarmist to predict that it is unwittingly working towards its own demise. The use of oil is a prime example. Millions purchase it, governments wage war because of it, and it plays arguably the greatest role of any resource in today's economy. It is also being used at a rate that is unsustainable, and the pollution its use causes has led to a vast deterioration in environmental conditions. This is not humanity recognising its place in the world; this is humanity acting upon the blind belief it has a right to do what it pleases upon the Earth. It is geographical fact that the USA requires nine times its own area to sustain its economy, and its attitude is spreading worldwide, resulting in further overuse of resources. This will result in nine more planets being required to sustain human life, and it is only logical to conclude that with resources exhausted and the environment degraded, the whole economy will collapse as a result of its own actions and the future for humanity will appear bleak.

Many have proposed that humanity must re-evaluate its arrogant attitude towards the world and some positive decisions have been made, but much more must be done so that all people come to recognise they are only part of the world and need to live in sustainable harmony rather than arrogant dominance. The alternative contains nothing short of environmental calamity and economic disaster. What must matter is an acknowledgement of fault followed by actions that lead to a harmonious future.

My word count utilising the 'quick' method (count words per line for the first few, average them, count total lines, and work out word total - that's how the QCS markers do it to save time): somewhere between 700 and 800.
My word count after the exam, counting each word: 751
Microsoft Word's word count: 732

I think I'm safe. You lose a whole grade if you go over 750. Consider me worried. Otherwise, I think it's pretty good, though I can see a number of mistakes now and there is so much that I omitted. Had that been an LJ rant or if we were given another hour and a higher word limit, it would've easily passed 1000 words.

I would like to take this opportunity to cast all exams down into the fiery pits of Hell. Some of you may be wondering why I would do this, considering the fact I am apparently Satan (and the Antichrist and the False Prophet), but let me remind you that I possess a LAKE OF FIRE, not the fiery pits of Hell. In any case, if I did bring them to the lake of fire for some unknown reason, I'd put them down the far end, where George Bush, John Kerry, John Howard, Mark Latham, and all other politicians reside. I did have some very witty remark about burning politicians and my own contemplation to enter politics, but I've lost it in my frustration with the whole bloody world. I condemn it to the fiery pits of Hell, damnit! Seems I have to do the thinking for everyone lately ... bah. If you're not going to use your brain, at least post it to me so someone can make decent use of it. The next person to tell me New Zealand is north of Australia will soon find a globe shoved fair up their rectum and then be dropped into the wilds of Papua New Guinea. Or Papua New Guinness, if I feel like making a typo.

< /random vent >

--- 8:30pm ---

Nearly forgot that today is the twentieth anniversary of the first of U2's two appearances in Wellington! Woo! The two dates;

- 31 August 1984, Town Hall
- 8 November 1989, Athletic Park

I'm celebrating by listening to my copy of The Cry/The Electric Co. from that gig. As in, the song that's not meant to exist. Woo again!
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