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Photos, exams, and facts versus entertainment.

So, Holly just had some photos developed, and there are no prizes for guessing who was in the one she sent me on AIM.

Tomorrow is the first half of the QCS, the Queensland Core Skills test. These tests are the most important ones you can take in Queensland (no pressure, eh?) and your marks in everything else are scaled with regards to your performance on the QCS. So in other words, if you are in the top 2% of the state on the QCS, you are guaranteed an OP1 as your exit mark from high school. As long as I am well-rested, well-fed, and in a positive mood, I think I can do well. I hope, anyway. Remember, this is the test I have to be normal for. To achieve on the QCS, you need to show you have learnt everything the school system's taught you, and what does it teach you? To be NORMAL. You fit the mould. You've done what you're told, and done it to the letter. I should be alright on the two multiple choice exams and the short response exam, but the writing one is a big worry. I'm creative and I'm passionate, which is a big no-no as far as that goes because it deviates from the norm and breaks the mould. As long as the stimulus sheet is friendly, I think I will be alright. But in any case, wish me luck and more importantly, normalcy.

Tomorrow is the writing paper, as I'm sure you just guessed, and the first multiple choice one. You can't study because your twelve years in the Queensland system (yeah, no-one ever moves over from NZ, huh?) is meant to be your study. I'm cool with the multiple choice, especially seeing the first paper is the easier one, but writing ... I just hope I don't get writer's cramp. That will be shattering. I'm lucky in that due to my vision, I get special consideration (I arguably don't actually need due to my intellect) and not only am lucky enough to get a bigger desk than everyone (seriously, considering the size of the stimulus sheet, the more room, the better), I also get forty extra minutes. Can we say "woohoo"? I'm going to read some Chesterton tonight to really get my brain going. For those unfamiliar with the brilliance of Chesterton, he used the English language like he invented it. The man was incredible.

We also got our exam timetable today. Here's how mine looks.

Wednesday (08/09)
This isn't in the exam block, it's the last day of normal classes, but we're doing our Modern History Unseen Essay on American imperialism. How lovely ...

Thursday (09/09)
11:00-12:40 - Maths C Knowledge and Procedures
1:35-3:15 - Maths C Modelling and Problem Solving

Friday (10/09)
Nothing! Ahh, a long weekend ...

Monday (13/09)
8:30-10:35 - English

Tuesday (14/09)
8:30-10:35 - Maths B Knowledge and Procedures
11:00-12:40 - Maths B Modelling and Problem Solving
1:35-3:15 - Modern History Response to Stimulus (Cuban Missile Crisis)

Wednesday (15/09)
Nothing again. Woo!

Thursday (16/09)
8:30-3:15 - German: Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing

That's definitely one of the better exam schedules. Besides Maths C being on the first day of shutdown, I am very happy with it, especially having the longest possible time to study for German. I definitely need it, especially if I want to knock Aaron off top spot. Maths C is definitely a worry ... I'm so doomed with that and my assignments. Maybe I'll be lucky enough to get around to them tonight. Who knows! Who cares? Not I. I never thought I would say this, but it's only maths. Yeah, pick yourself up off the floor.

That reminds me of something that happened today, actually. We were having a discussion in study today that quickly turned into a bit of a dispute. Some movie was the topic of conversation, I think it might have been The Patriot, and I remarked that it was shockingly inaccurate in a historical sense. The response to this was little more than a "So? Who cares?" Believe it or not, I CARE. I've noticed this phenomenon a lot in society - people desire to be ENTERTAINED and really couldn't care less if the factual basis is solid or if the news is being reported truthfully or whatever. They don't want facts, they want entertainment, even if that means the distortion, silencing, or straight-out elimination of the facts. Am I the only person who thinks that is at least slightly messed up? Maybe I'm odd, but I like my facts, and I find them much more interesting when presented as they are rather than when they are hyped up and over-glorified for some tabloid magazine or distorted to suit a movie script. Seems today's society just wants to feel good instead of actually knowing anything. It makes me sad.

Anyway, I have resolved to eat and rest in readiness for tomorrow. Wish me good normalcy. I know I need it.

--- 7:36pm ---

You want to know what's awesome? Bono and Bruce Springsteen performing Because The Night. Very awesome indeed.

--- 8:40pm ---

cat2150 - I received the concerts and blanks from you today. I'm aiming to post your shows to you on Thursday.

purplicious - Expect your letter to be posted on Thursday too.

Can anyone guess where I'm going on Thursday?
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