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Where the songs have some names.

The Chronicles Of George. I'm telling you, that's blindingly hilarious.

Q magazine is reporting at the album will contain eleven tracks, and gives names for six of them;

- Vertigo
- Crumbs From Your Table
- City Of Burning Lights
- Man And Woman
- Jahweh
- Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own

What do I think? Well, initially, I wasn't jumping for joy. Though to put it in perspective, I bet when people first heard the song titles on The Joshua Tree, they weren't overly thrilled either. With Or Without You? I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For? Red Hill Mining Town?

Then I thought about these titles a bit. Ever since I first heard Vertigo rumoured as an album title, I've maintained that it would be awesome for anything - album, single, or tour. Crumbs From Your Table sounds like it could be a really powerful political rocker, and I'm sure Bono has said a similar phrase in speeches about AIDS. City Of Burning Lights INSTANTLY makes me think of Seconds [I'm a moron, I meant to type Surrender] ("Oh, the city's a-light ... the city is bright, it's brighter than day tonight") and The Unforgettable Fire ("These city lights, they shine as silver and gold, dug from the night") and could also be a real rocker. It definitely makes me think of War, and would hopefully indicate the return to the feel of the early albums that we've been promised. Steve Lillywhite is producing this thing, after all - for those not in the know, Lillywhite produced the first three albums by himself and was called in to work on most future releases. Man And Woman ... I really don't like this one, but I didn't like All I Want Is You at first either. Indeed, I still think it's a pretty dodgy title. Anyway, I'll bet Man And Woman is a ballad and I won't initially be keen on it. Yahweh? I am so thrilled that this title rumour has been essentially confirmed. Being a theological nerd, it is the PERFECT title. I'm expecting a very insightful track, though probably not exactly a rocker. And now we come to Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own. Considering the fact it was written for Bono's father and reportedly sung at his funeral, this will be a moving track. Just from the bits and pieces we know, I think this will be the One/Stay/One Tree Hill of this decade.

Now, that said, we can continue to speculate, and I think that three more songs can be placed on the album;

- Love And Peace Or Else
- All Because Of You
- Miracle Drug

Love And Peace Or Else is all but confirmed and I imagine it will be a powerful and politically charged political rocker. It makes me think of the All I Want Is You --> Bullet The Blue Sky transition of ZooTV - 'Love And Peace' makes you think "aww, how nice" (like the soft AIWIY), but then you're hit by 'Or Else' (like how BTBS just EXPLODED into the middle of AIWIY on ZooTV). We've heard the leak of All Because Of You, though I am not convinced that it will be an album track. Maybe a b-side or discarded material? And Miracle Drug ... I hope that the older rumours that it is titled Xanax And Wine are true. Whatever the case, my best bet is that it's a mid-tempo song.

I just analysed that to pieces, I realise that. It will be interesting to see how accurate all that turns out to be on 22 November/prior date of leaks.

OK, I have a question for the American readers of my journal. Is it true that every day at every school, you must pledge allegiance to the flag and the USA? If so, some elaboration might be nice, particularly as to why you'd do such a clearly undemocratic and thoroughly absurd thing, and I'd like to know if it's solely confined to schools or if it happens elsewhere. It sounds more like something you'd do in a dictatorship ... I can see the people marching down the streets, arms raised in the air, yelling "Heil Hitler!" now ...

Now that I've said that minirant, care to share your opinion? Ha. Ha.
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