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In which I could bash Bush or discuss Africa, but don't.

This week's Time magazine intrigues me; the cover article is about living to the age of a hundred. Yeah, pretty redundant, and I've decided to find myself a new newsmagazine at some point, but it intrigued me just enough to prompt me to mention it in this entry. I've never understood this fascination with living a long life. It seems kind of pointless to me. People are just beaten and blown by the wind, keep looking for happiness (believing that the pursuit of such a fickle emotion equates to meaning), and really don't seem to do much constructive with their lives. It's just another life lived. Kind of sad, really. I guess, hidden amongst that, is my own fear I will end up like that, and it may have something to do with why I don't want to live a long life, but really, sixty years on this dodgy planet would most certainly be enough for me. My cynicism says we'll probably blow ourselves up before then anyway. Who needs Hell's lake of fire when we can make our own?

On a different note, I've been thinking pretty deeply of late, and I am starting to think that my favourite quote may hold more truth than I realise. The quote is that "we thought that we had the answers; it was the questions we had wrong" (U2, 11 O'clock Tick Tock), and I think that holds extremely true right now. There is also this thought lurking in my mind that I initially did not want to acknowledge ... but I am seriously asking myself if we (being humanity) have questioned too much and asked too many of the wrong questions; we have sought logic and reason but abandoned it somewhere along the way, and we have forsook tradition and history for no better reason than rebelliously forsaking it. I definitely have a lot of thoughts floating around in my mind, some of which I'm not quite sure what to do with.

On a much more irrational note, I'm starting to become concerned about my mother coming home. As some of you know well, things have not gone well with me while she's been gone, and I'm afraid of telling her when she gets back because, no matter how much I reassure her to the contrary, she will still believe it was her fault and blame herself. Understandable, really, and all the more reason why I think I just won't say anything and pretend the eczema hasn't been a bother. She's worried already and at this stage, in her mind everything's been fine! My mother can be such a worrier sometimes, not that I hold it against her.

Anyway. Done no work since I got home, despite good intentions to the contrary. I said that Geography assignment would be finished tomorrow, so it damn well better be. Yet, for some reason, my thought processes today were distracted and then subjugated by a desire to create a better political system than democracy (re: popularity contests) and a better economic system than capitalism (re: I'm-a-selfish-greedy-bastard-ism), and both actually be practical and workable in society. I'm still not making any headway, damnit. I guess studying some more political theory and learning more about specific ideologies wouldn't hurt, though.

And now I just finished cooking dinner, so I shall go eat it. Are you shocked? Yeah, I thought you would be.

--- 10:27pm ---

My Geography assignment is a pain in the back. Literally. This probably says something amusing about the subject in general, but right now, my mind is screaming out that it does not desire sarcastic humour but instead the comfort of my bed that is little more than three steps away. At least the assignment is now DONE. Three or so weeks late, but we'll overlook that fact.
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