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Stupidity is all around.

Review: A Selection of U2's Most Emotional Live Moments by André Axver. I'm not so happy with a couple of edits they made, but they're nitpicks and some are to retain (what I feel is incorrect) grammatical consistency across the website, so I'm not complaining.

Now OK people, let me make something abundantly clear.

It is NOT cool to be stupid or immature. It is mentally redundant, asinine, and sheer agony to those of us who actually use our brains. We are not laughing at you because you are funny; we are laughing at you because you are that pathetic that there is no other adequate response.

"Here's a piece of bad business I've seen on this earth,
An error that can be blamed on whoever is in charge.
Immaturity is given a place of prominence,
While maturity is made to take a back seat."

- Ecclesiastes 10:5-6, The Message

I have seen so much stupidity and immaturity lately and I am not even going to bother to catalogue it, but I will post today's episode of complete stupidity.

Foreword: Patrick was being TOTALLY SERIOUS. He was not kidding.

Pat: I can smell blue.
Jamie and I: What?
Pat: I can smell the colour blue.
Jamie: You mean you can smell something that you associate with the colour blue?
Pat: No, I can smell the colour blue!
Sam: So you are telling me you can smell wavelengths of light now?
Pat: Yeah.

I have resolved that I am going to take numerous people to court. What for?

1. Intense and clearly irreversible stupidity.
2. Causing massive brain trauma and grievous mental harm.
3. Massacring innocent brain cells.

The stupidity of some people makes my head hurt. It sure did today.

Maths C, however, was quite amusing. We argued over whether the letter 'h' is 'aitch' or 'haitch' (for the record, those who speak English say 'aitch'; the rest don't), and Queenie pointed out that New Zealand has two major geographical faults;

1. It is too close to Australia.
2. It is above sea level at all.

In the sense of 'the further from Australia, the better', I totally agree with point one! ... and got called a stupid Kiwi for my friendly trans-Tasman stab. Which, of course, I expected and we had good fun, laughing and joking. Though after Maths C, we had German, and I really am not enjoying it at the moment. I go through my moods with the language [or more precisely, the class], and at this point in time, I'd be happier not being in the class. I guess it didn't help that the students from our sister-school in Germany showed up. I was not in the mood to talk German or be social ... so I didn't speak and wasn't social, and instead spoke to Aaron or tried to sleep. Oh, and a message to the German girl who sat in front of me: pull your pants up. I don't want to know what underwear you're wearing.

Oh! always_rejoice, be jealous! In my SOR class, we shall be discussing C. S. Lewis and we're currently reading A Grief Observed. Well, by 'currently reading', I mean that we got it out from the library today. I've only read a little bit so far, but it seems very good.

--- 7:37pm ---

I am eating the best cajun chicken I have ever had right now. AND I MADE IT. Oh wow. Most people would probably hate it, but I have messed up tastes like that and oh my, I whacked SO MUCH SEASONING on it.

Just felt I'd make that observation.
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