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People 3 - 0 Stalkers

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“Well, I've had this paid account long enough and so I figured I might as well finally get around to capitalising on it and make a phone post. So ... here we go. I figure I might as well honour it by making the first topic U2. Are you surprised? No, you are NOT. And so I finished downloading that DVD today and let me say it is bloody brilliant. 1981 U2 is one of the- has some of the finest music ever, and Bono's dancing is hilarious, you just have to see it to believe it. The guy's a NUT. It's like someone cut some puppet strings and he's just dangling there.

Ah, but anyway ... you know, I did have some topics to talk about, I really did, and ... now I've gone and forgotten them all. So ... this is terribly clever of me. But ... I didn't go to school today seeing my nerves are still shockingly jumpy from the weekend and I'll probably up some more stuff about that later, but otherwise, uhm ... Well, last night was pretty good, in fact last night was brilliant, it made up for how crap the weekend was, uhm ... Had a great time up in Brisbane and everything went perfectly ... and now I'm rambling on into nothingness and really I should've at least thought of something constructive to say AND NOT FORGOTTEN IT. Though I don't suppose having major hassles to sign into the phone post thing really helped me there at all; for a while it wasn't working. But anyway, I'll probably type up a lot more stuff later and sound a whole lot more educated and intelligent and thoughtful than I do right now. So I will just leave this absolute disaster here and ... be totally embarrassed and let you all laugh. Have fun! Goodbye.”

Transcribed by: axver

--- 3:28pm ---

Yes, I finally made a phone post! Rejoice and celebrate ... until you hear how bad it is. I actually did have a few things to say until the stupid system threw me off, wouldn't let me sign in, and eventually forced me to dial the bloody thing again.

So anyway. Why am I home? Well, the fire's out, but my nerves are totally shot. I'm jumpy and the smoke's left me feeling ill, so I figured it'd be wise to stay home today instead and get around to some work. We were one of the first houses not evacuated, so as you can imagine, it wasn't overly pleasant being here. But now the fires - at least those threatening us - are out, and the situation is definitely on the improve.

Last night, it was great to get away from the smoky atmosphere and head up to Brisbane, and aaahhh, what a great time! Holly has to be one of the most awesome people I have met in a long time. I very much enjoyed myself, even if the train ride back home was packed full of obnoxious rugby league fans who couldn't control their children. Uh, excuse me, but the hand grabs are NOT for your kids to do gymnastics on. I don't care if they won some medal somewhere, this is a TRAIN, not a GYMNASIUM. Oh, and union's better anyway.

So I was only in the airport for about half an hour, but it was more than worth it. I've met two people from the 'net already - Lily was, well, Lily and I don't really plan on ever seeing her again, and I barely spoke to Rhiana seeing she was Burns's girlfriend and Sam and I were just going along for the movie. But third time lucky was proven true last night, and half an hour simply wasn't enough. Everything went so well and I cannot wait until September, when I'm down in Sydney for a night before heading onto Melbourne. I absolutely have to spend more time with Holly.

So to fly in the face of all the negative propaganda, I have met three people from the 'net so far, and NONE have been stalkers. Indeed, once Mum's back from her lovely two week holiday up in north Queensland (have I mentioned that? Yes, think so), I'll get our itinerary and try to work out plans for when I'm in Melbourne. Then all you Melbournians can come stalk meet me.

I'm going to try to make an icon out of Bono's silly 'dancing' during 11 O'clock Tick Tock on the DVD (the stuff I mentioned in the phone post). He's just ... crazy and it would make a hilarious icon, though I don't know if it would turn out. Hmm.

Anyway, enjoy my accent. I'm off to work on geography.

--- 3:42pm ---

Is it just me, or is the sound quality on that phone post absolutely dreadful? I guess that's what you get when you dial international. I'm still ticked that it stuffed up when I first tried. At least then, I had topics sorted and knew what I was going to say. Bah.
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