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Observations about music, the weekend, the weather, and so forth.

Muse are awesome. I have lately discovered this again. Time Is Running Out and Sing For Absolution are such amazing songs and I love their lead singer. Dream Theater also continue to impress me, with Solitary Shell being my theme song of late. Some absolutely AMAZING U2 bit torrents have shown up over the last few days and I desperately hope I can get them all. They simply look too incredible for words to describe. Oh, what amazingness! A DVD OF A BOY TOUR CONCERT! YES, FROM THE BOY TOUR! 15 May 1981! Aaaaahhhh! With outtakes from the I Will Follow music video shoot! This is just too awesome for words. My weekend was looking very good.


There are two reasons my weekend is looking bad, and Sunday night could make it three if our dear Holly (those of you from YTF may know this troubled girl) turns out to be a fake. At least I'll get a train trip to Brisbane Airport out of that no matter what happens. Anyway, the two reasons why this weekend no longer looks good;

1. Mum and Alan went away on holiday early this morning. FOR TWO WEEKS. This shall be a real test of my independence, and it means I am stuck with James and Robby, aka Inept Boy and Rude, Obnoxious Bother of a Boy, Yeah. Despite the silliness of it, I like my acronym of Robby's name, especially seeing it quite satisfactorily summarises my Robby theory. I have met many Robbys, and most of them are rude, obnoxious, and a bother. Especially those gits at my primary school. Talk about agonisingly frustrating.

2. There's smoke all around. Where there's smoke, there's fire. I am pretty sure our house is safe, but I'm worried about some others not so far away. From my rough estimation, there is one fire burning in the next valley over, and one to the south of me, but the breeze is blowing all the smoke up past us. Not totally sure on that, though. There is a smoky haze covering the whole Gold Coast, which makes me feel quite uncomfortable, and Sam tells me there is some other fire burning down near his place. I hope this is not dangerous signs of a horrific summer. We absolutely do not need that. It's been so dry for the last few years ... we just need a few weeks of rain.

You know, you can tell you've been living in a major drought when brown grass starts to look NATURAL. Seriously, I struggle to imagine the sight of green grass. The grass was wonderfully green after the 2001 floods, but ever since then, we have been in drought, and when we drove home from school on Monday, I couldn't help but notice just how normal the bone-dry landscape looked. It was kind of sad, really.

I am definitely moving away from here as soon as I can. I HATE this city. Absolutely hate it. The weather is horrible and warm, while forest fires are probably the worst of all natural disasters. I definitely could never live in woodland. I would be far too nervous for that. On top of a grassy hill with a lovely panorama over the whole area is more my style. I think I could cope with that very happily. Or in a clearing right beside a lake. Or in a mountainous forest, where you'll never find a forest fire; that may be tolerable, though I'd probably still get nervous. Whatever the case, the Gold Coast is a horrible city in just about every aspect (social, political, practical, you name it) and I would be happier just about anywhere else.

light_so_bright has awesome ideas and purplicious can clearly talk more on the phone than she thinks. I've had a very good day if you ignore frustrating points one and two. It's so odd to not have Mum around. I am too lazy for my own good and that's a fact.

Oh, and folks, smoke and asthma don't go together. Don't combine the two. Where is my inhaler?

--- 6:53pm ---

My family can be really annoying at times, but they just called around here and gave me an update on the fire situation. Police are still letting vehicles onto my road, but others nearby are totally closed, and driving here, you can see flames. Looking out from my bedroom, you can see flashing lights on the road on the opposite hill, and a red hue is rising from the top, though it would appear the flames are still on the other side.

At this stage, we would appear to be safe, but the wind is strong and unpredictable. Fires are burning to both the south and north, and the smoke's thick depending upon the wind. I am quite nervous, and though evacuation doesn't seem likely, these things are unpredictable. I'm going to prepare to evacuate just in case. I would appreciate prayers and good stuff like that. Yes, don't worry, I'll stay safe.

--- 9:03pm ---

I am feeling rather poor at the moment; I think the smoke is getting to me, and I've already had to take my asthma inhaler a few times. If this keeps up tomorrow, I will not be going to school on Monday, I just won't be up to it. I especially will not be up to it if they evacuate us. I thought the fire was nearing the crest of the hill over from us, but I was wrong, alarmingly so. When I went outside and found a vantage point, I realised what I thought was the flashing lights of fire trucks and emergency vehicles was actually the LINE OF FIRE, halfway down the hill. So it's definitely closer than I thought. That said, it still has quite a way to come with a road and houses in the way ... Robby is confident we'll be alright, at least for 24 hours, but I am feeling very nervous, and I am very worried about the people directly in harm's way because the fire is where I thought there are (were?) houses. I'm going to tune into the late news and see if they are covering it.

Right now, I am shaking. I don't know if it's because I feel so bad or because of nerves. Probably both. But as I said, I'll stay safe. Don't worry about me; no matter what happens, I always tend to be quite alright in the end.
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