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To begin an entry on a positive note - rare and shocking, I know! - I'm actually feeling a good deal better than I did yesterday, for no apparent reason. I've gone through a nice range of positive emotions today, including the disturbingly hyper mood from morning tea.

Debate on 'That there is a monotheistic deity' begins tomorrow right here on my journal. Join in. Bring a friend. Bring me cake.

Some days I am all "LET'S SAVE THE WORLD!", some days I'm confrontational and pissed with all the major powers, some days I quote Bono and post similarly serious thoughts, but some days, I simply become depressed and saddened. Today was one of those days when I had a major struggle with the question "Why?"

'... And what am I to do? What in the world am I to say ...?'

It's appalling and embarrassing, it really is. How can we possibly claim to be so advanced, so intelligent, so progressive when the clear evidence of our world conclusively proves otherwise? We think we're so advanced, but the fact millions are starving proves that our advancement has not gone far enough, at least not socially and morally. We are lazy and are fully willing to shirk our obligations to our fellow man. Apathy has become the worst and most prevalent disease in the Western world while millions die of preventable diseases and solvable problems in the third world. We have cures or at least treatments for the worst plagues in Africa; we have the money to provide fresh water and enough food daily to EVERY person on the planet; we have the political clout and social obligation to allow everyone to live in peace and safety ... and we don't do it. How do you mobilise an affluent society of millions to CARE? It seems you don't. That's the popular attitude.

'... I want to tear down the walls that hold me inside ...'

I'm the first to confess I don't do enough. I'm aware of my own failings, of my own procrastination and inability to do enough for the people of Darfur or anywhere else, and while I have this burning desire to take action into my own hands, selfishness can take over and I stay restricted. It's pathetic. But not as pathetic as those who simply don't care and don't even think to care. Yes, I am sure your hair or fashion is so much more important than OVER THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND PEOPLE FACING CERTAIN DEATH IN DARFUR. I am sure that your boyfriend leaving you or your current non-terminal illness is significantly worse than TWO THIRDS OF BANGLADESH BEING UNDER WATER RIGHT NOW. I am sure that prick in your English class or the ignoramus you work with is far more aggravating than BEING RULED BY A BLOODY TYRANT. I'm so sure of that that I would like to take you to Darfur or Sierra Leone or Chad right now and see if you still have the same perspective when you get back.

'... We're one but we're not the same; we get to carry each other ...'

We have a remarkable amount of resources at our disposal. It's quite astounding, really. We do not realise how wealthy we are, or how selfishly we hoard what we have got. History will judge us harshly for the way we have squandered opportunities to better the lives of millions. There's always some nitwit to put up obstacles, someone to lay some red tape, someone who thinks they are the number one priority and a whole continent is significantly less important than them. Sad, huh? And yet, I think every day, we are that person. "If only ..." is a phrase we can utter about the vast majority of history, and we continue to create more and more reasons to say it.

'... Whatever you did for the least of these, you did for me ...'

I am sure it's not too much to ask that we each do our part to make our world a better place to live in for the sick, starving, and dying. Our part does not involve apathy or inaction. We should all heed Bono's words and "rebel against our own indifference."

'... September, streets capsizing, spilling over and down a drain
Shards of glass, splinters like rain
But you could only feel your own pain ...'

(Quotes (in order);
Rejoice, Where The Streets Have No Name, and One by U2
Matthew 25:40
Please by U2)

On a less important note, I actually got going with some of my work today and I handed in an SOR assignment that I was quite pleased with. Maybe this will inspire me to do some major work tonight. I hope so.
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