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Like a thought unchained, like a runaway train ...

You want to know one thing I don't understand? Of course you do. Toilet humour and the fascination with it. I can understand a bunch of eleven year olds laughing at the idea of brown-eye-ing traffic, but a couple of radio announcers? Oh come ON. The sad part is, a large amount of the listenership probably found it hilarious too. I have long since given up believing that society in general is mature.

I think someday soon I'll reorganise my LJ memories or do something similarly constructive but entirely pointless like that.

I'm simply posting these colourbars for my own convenience. My userinfo page is long enough as it is, so a single link back to here makes my life a lot easier. These are all courtesy of siorai_gra_ and appeared lately on a few U2 LJ communities, so be sure to credit appropriately.

Bono is love. Worship him now. You know you want to.

Edge is love too.

We can't forget Larry is love either.

And of course, THE 'FRO IS LOVE.

Now, to the events of today. I am not sure I really see the point in the excursion to the ginger factory, and it was pretty unexciting there, however I have a few observations;

- If I hadn't been bored and desperately looking for something to do, I would not have ever paid $4.80 for a ham, cheese, and tomato sandwich. I wouldn't pay $4.80 for the best ham, cheese, and tomato sandwich on earth under normal circumstances, so I don't see where you people get off with charging $4.80 when your tomato is bland, somewhat dry, and entirely annoying.
- A long bus trip suddenly becomes shorter and more enjoyable when you have U2 bootlegs from the Lovetown tour to listen to and Macbeth to read.
- Hawkmoon 269 owns your soul. So do God Part II and The Unforgettable Fire. They're songs that you really need to give time to grow on you, though. I don't think appreciation of the superb craftsmanship of The Unforgettable Fire comes straight away.
- Some days, I think my shy nature will doom me to a life of loneliness and friendlessness. Today is one of those days. I really suck. It probably wouldn't hurt to be social occasionally, but ... I just can't do it.

Anyway. I'm retreating into Hawkmoon 269.

--- 7:54pm ---

I don't want to do anything. I just want to stay here listening to Hawkmoon 269 and Edge's stunning guitar. It's not necessarily the lyrics, but the emotion and power behind the song in both Bono's voice and the band's playing.

Hawkmoon 269
Written and performed by U2

[This is taken from the 18 November 1989 performance, so that explains why it's different to the album version.]

Like a desert needs rain
Like a town needs a name
I need your love
Like a drifter needs a room
Yeah, hawkmoon
I need your love

Like a rhythm unbroken
Like drums in the night
Like sweet soul music
Like sunlight
I need your love (I need your love)

Like coming home and you don't know where you've been
Like black coffee, like nicotine
I need your love (I need your love)
I need your love (I need your love)

When the night has no end
And the day yet to begin
As the room spins around
I need your love



Like thunder needs rain
Like a preacher needs pain
Like tongues of flame
Like a blind man's cane
I need your love (I need your love)

Like a needle needs a vein
Like someone to blame
Like a thought unchained
Like a runaway train
I need your love (I need your love)
Oh, I need your love (I need your love)

Oooh, take it down

I need your love (I need your love)
I need your love (I need your love)

When the night has no end
And the day yet to begin
As the room spins around
I need your love

It's interesting to note that live, Hawkmoon 269 was actually shorter than the album version with a considerable number of lines omitted. I actually think that was for the better, because it compresses the emotion of the song, thereby intensifying it and making the ending incredibly powerful, when Bono is simply screaming out the lines. I also find it fascinating that out of the eight times it was played in full, seven were in Australia. The eighth was in The Netherlands, and they were all on the Lovetown Tour. The song was snippeted in Germany on the Elevation Tour at the start of Desire once, but I don't really count that.
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