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And if the mountains should crumble and disappear into the sea ...

I am obviously too busy for one man. If I am not commenting a whole deal except for on weekends, you know why. It's almost a relief we're out of debating, when I come to think about it. Before I go on, a message to stolidlimeberry and all who were interested in joining in on the monotheism debate - I may not have time to organise that tomorrow, so if I don't, I'll post it on the weekend. Hopefully I'll have time tomorrow, though.

You go, you read. That has to be one of the best U2 articles I have EVER, EVER read. And I love Bono more than ever;

"We can be in the middle of the worst gig in our lives, but when we go into that song [Where The Streets Have No Name], everything changes," he says. "The audience is on its feet, singing along with every word. It's like God suddenly walks through the room. It's the point where craft ends and spirit begins. How else do you explain it?"

I absolutely had to put Streets on after reading that. Really loud. And everyone who's ever said it's the greatest rock track and most incredible live song ever would be ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. The organ ... then Edge's guitar ... Adam's bass ... Larry's drums ... it is the masterpiece to top all masterpieces. Music at its absolute peak. Seeing this live will probably be the greatest moment of my life.

We're currently studying a unit on imperialism in Modern History at the moment, and for the time I've been in the class, we've been focusing on the actions of the USA. I find it absolutely fascinating that a country that fought for freedom from imperialism a little over two hundred years ago extremely quickly became the imperialist power of the Americas and then rose to have the most powerful position in the world. Irony works in some really funny ways, and so does hypocrisy.

Of course, when we reached the Nicaraguan and Central American eighties part of the unit, I had this major urge to crank out Bullet The Blue Sky. I just about yelled out "BULLET THE BLUE!" in the middle of class, and I did start humming the song to myself.

That's beside the point. I'm aware that as a world power, the US has done some pretty dumb things, as every world power does from time to time. However, in the last fifty years, I feel the US has done more than its fair share of absolutely stupid acts. Vietnam was the most idiotic war in history, or at least since WWII. Plain and simple, America did NOT belong in that country AT ALL. There's no justification for the way America abused its world position there, and the same goes for the activities in nations such as Chile, Nicaragua, and Panama. The hysteria and fear of communism seemed to result in some absolutely repulsive 'pro-capitalist' acts. I find it amusing how military forces and government agencies could deny sovereign nations their independence and right to their own decisions WHILE ACTING UNDER THE PRETENSE OF PROTECTING THE FREE WORLD.

One thing I do find somewhat amusing is how a free society can choose to become dominated by a totalitarian authority, but a society dominated by a totalitarian authority cannot choose to become free. I think you could make a case that if the whole world are permitted to have their free choice, we will eventually resort to a totalitarian authority, for at some point, people will doubt the powers, use, or stability of a democratically elected government or otherwise free society and move for change. Furthermore, people desire a strong leader, and they don't necessarily care if this strong leader is actually a dictator. People want stability and predictability, and a dictator often offers that significantly more than any democractically elected official could.

In any case, democracy doesn't work. It's a farce of a popularity contest at the best of times. I'll get back to you when I devise a better system.

Tomorrow is geography excursion day. Three hours on a bus to a ginger factory, one and a half hours there, three hours back. Oh joy. I'm going to take my discman with a few bootlegs and catch up on a stack of work on the bus. I think it's the wise move.

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