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Some serious contemplation.

... Love, we shine like a burning star
We're falling from the sky tonight ...

- The Fly, U2

I have never been able to comprehend why we (re: I) fall from the sky with such grave frequency. You can create all kinds of varying reasons why, but none of them seem adequate to me. People write on what sin is and how it came into the world (even I have written a really horrible piece on the topic), but rarely does anyone try to comprehend or discern the reasons behind the continual practice of such behaviour. I think that's for one simple and overlooked explanation - there are no reasons, logical or illogical, rational or irrational, that justify selecting the wrong choice.

It is true that no-one is perfect, but truer still is that despite our imperfections, we are still capable of identifying right and wrong and making the appropriate choice. We may be afflicted with many selfish desires and the urge to follow various tantalising sensations of the flesh, but we also have the capability and knowledge to realise that this is not appropriate behaviour. Humanity may not be perfect, but it's not stupid either, and it does have the ability to do the right thing. I think it is too hard to comprehend why we regularly make the wrong choice when we are fully mindful of the fact that it is in error and a mistake.

Some will put forward the opinion that it is understandable for people to make mistakes, and due to the ignorance that is a direct result of perfection, all kinds of problems are to be expected. That is a fair enough statement to make, but I don't think it has the solid foundation it would initially appear to have. When do we make mistakes? When we are not concentrating! When we have released control of our mind and neglected to pursue what we could easily see is the appropriate course of action! It is possible to focus our minds, to concentrate on the pursuit of what is right, to guard against slipping in concentration, but we do not extend ourselves that far. We don't put in the effort. In essence, the best reason I can see for man's continual falling from the sky is nothing short of spiritual, moral, ethical, mental, emotional, and practical laziness.

Furthermore, to put forward a more Christian theory, besides the inherent laziness resident in and encouraged by humanity, there is also the matter that the world is in bondage to sin. Essentially, if you become habitual in practicing particular activities - in this case, selecting the wrong option - you can be enslaved by it. That can be seen through addictions to drugs, alcohol, and pain, but also through the sheer incapability of humanity to rise above its failings and rebel against its mistakes. On thinking about that, I would actually say the bondage to sin is a result of laziness, or at least is allowed to continue through laziness - we simply see it as too hard to loose our chains. The wrong option waves like a red flag, but instead of serving as a warning sign instructing us not to follow a particular path, it instead captures our attention away from the green flag and we gullibly walk down the wrong path. We allow our senses to be captivated and we keep the shackles of sin on, refusing to forsake them because that's simply too much of a bother and too much of a mental exercise.

It seems quite pathetic really, doesn't it? We shine like burning stars, falling from the sky - always have been falling, and if we remain ignorant, apathetic, and lazy, we'll keep falling too. But now allow me to introduce Christianity into the mix. Most people see either the "bells and smells" of traditional practices on the outer fringes of doctrine, or they see the negative aspects that I continue to have problems dealing with. However, if you look beyond that, into the real core of the faith, I am sure you will find something much different. In the heart is a radical movement that accepts the fact we're descending spectacularly through the sky, and then tells us to rebel against that fact. Christianity is not a religion of inner peace like many in the Far East, it's not a religion of achieving a state of Nirvana as Buddhism is, and it's not a religion of submission such as Islam. It is a radical movement against the lazy condition of humanity, a faith that calls to the individual to dare to rebel against his or her own laziness. It is not a religion of pomp and splendour, a belief system of expectation and judgement, but a faith of action.

That's enough deep thinking for today. In other news, I would like to announce another debate to be held on my journal - after a discussion with stolidlimeberry, I proposed the topic of 'That there is a monotheistic deity'. I am unsure as to whether to use the term 'deity' or 'god', but I really don't think it's all too important. I will naturally be taking the affirmative, and anyone can join in and contribute an opinion (or comment on another's opinion) from any perspective - atheist, monotheist, pantheist, polytheist, et cetera. I'm calling it a debate for the sake of establishing a formal structure, but it would probably be more a discussion of theories and an exchange of ideas. So yes, that will be coming sometime soon - I'm not totally sure when - but you're all welcome to join in. Serious, intelligent discussion is always a good thing.

I Will Follow from Popmart is just amazing. The reinvention of this song deserves more credit than it receives. I Will Follow is a punk song in which you can clearly see The Ramones, but the performances on Popmart are ... liquid. That's the only way I can describe them. I never used to like the Popmart version, but I'm really falling for it and it's quite a superb change of pace. I would've loved to have heard a Popmartised The Fly. In God's Country is another song that deserves your respect. "Every day the dreamers die to see what's on the other side ..."
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