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Today, my behaviour has been in stark contradiction to how I have felt. I feel quite calm and happy, very positive and somewhat fulfilled, and yet I have been snapping at people all day. Aaron really got a mouthful, though when I say I am sick of his form of Christianity, I really do mean it. I'm not fond of this flaky religion that's more about determining what's holy, what's not, and just how holy the adherents are than anything else. The vast, sweeping assumptions and lack of depth are also what gets me. Apparently, Jamie's doing something wrong for liking the TV show Charmed. I think it's a pretty crap show personally, but I really fail to see how it has any relevance whatsoever to Christianity. Furthermore, don't we have better things to do than condemn someone's television habits? Sometimes, branches of Christianity can seem so petty and pathetic. That's one thing I encountered a lot at CF - people keep fretting about whether this or that is a sin, they'll rip each other to shreds about unnecessary doctrine, and act all judgemental to the world around them. Wow, missed the point somewhat, haven't we? I truly don't think it matters whether someone likes Television Show A or B while you're ignoring the Great Commission.

You know what? I still haven't found what I'm looking for. Bastardised forms of Christianity haven't helped me either.

So anyway. Despite my very messed up mood, today was quite good. I am no longer in Maths B (though I must still take the tests), and after an absence of two years, I am back in my lovely old Modern History class. It seems to have changed a bit, and I must say I really do like being back. My days have suddenly improved so much, with no Maths B to worry about. Some people simply cannot grasp why I don't place any importance upon Maths B. I've had some really strange looks, but it is clear that people place way too much emphasis on their marks. Here's a revelation for you - YOUR SCHOOL MARKS ARE NOT THE END OF THE WORLD. Just because you aren't doing spectacularly in a subject that doesn't matter to you doesn't mean you should fall into a pit of sorrow and dejection. Now if you need to pass English to get into the university course you'd like and you are failing, then clearly there is a major problem and you need to get your act together. But Maths B has NO BEARING ON MY LIFE AT ALL. The usefulness of me being in that class is roughly equivalent to the usefulness of a CD player when you'd like to play a video tape.

On a similar note, I got really ticked off with my father when he phoned me because he tried to talk me out of wanting to study journalism. See, he wants me to do law. Now, is it just me, or are parents meant to ENCOURAGE their children? Clearly, my Dad is not aware of this, for he did all he could to make journalism look bad. The funny part is, he totally missed the point. I am not studying journalism because of how much I will earn on the job. I'm studying it because I LIKE IT AND I WILL ENJOY IT. I do NOT want to study law because the prospect of being a lawyer looks thoroughly boring and I'll hate it. Charging a few hundred dollars an hour doesn't compensate for working excessively long days at a job I don't like. I will be much happier being a journalist, because GASPSHOCKHORROR, that's what I would LIKE to do, it's my passion, and I will ENJOY it. Money really doesn't come into the equation there. So yet again Dad, you have well and truly missed the point. Next time you try to give me life advice, remember a couple of important facts - firstly, I'm not here to serve you or be the vessel through which you live your life, and secondly, existence does not revolve around the mighty dollar sign as much as you seem to think.

Oh, here's a writing tip for you: just because you have something to say doesn't mean you should say it if you have no talent or creativity. Especially when you are trying to express yourself creatively. This helpful tip came from a frustration with poorly worded music. If you are going to write political songs, at least listen to those who are skilled at it first to see how it's done;

In the howling wind comes a stinging rain
See them driving nails into souls on the tree of pain
From the firefly, a red orange glow
See the face of fear running scared in the valley below
I feel a long way from the hills of San Salvador
Where the sky is ripped open and the rain pours through a gaping wound
Pelting the women and children, pelting the women and children
Who run ... who run ... into the arms ... of America

Bullet The Blue Sky is how it's done.

--- 8:00pm ---

I found this truly hilarious. Terror alerts based on old intelligence!

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