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I have gone out two days in a row. I am in obvious need of urgent medical attention.

Today, I made my way up to Brisbane for the open day of the University of Queensland. I just cannot believe how well it went. The thing that really struck me is that it felt like I belonged. (For most of the time) I felt at ease and comfortable, and it didn't seem weird to be there. Normally when I go somewhere new, I feel odd and uncomfortable, and I most certainly do not take the lead. Today, it didn't even feel like somewhere new. I've never been to the campus before, but I felt like I could have, and when it came to figuring out where to go, for once in my life I took the lead. I wanted to stay there and just get into things right now. The next few months in high school will be agony. I am so close to being finished, I can feel it, and yet I'm still stuck there.

Observations of today;

1. I have never seen the point in skywriting. Normally, I tolerate it, but when I'm walking into a university and I see a plane writing 'Follow JESUS' in the air, I can do little but roll my eyes. Follow Jesus WHERE? How? Why? It's just so dumb. Christianity is more than just 'Follow JESUS', and writing that in the sky doesn't really advertise anything. In fact, it makes you look like a little bit of a fool. Now if you are going to set up a relevant and appropriate stand with notes clearly detailing what Christianity is about and why someone would want to believe in it, then go ahead. But writing some two-word slogan in the air does NOTHING for ANYONE.

2. When you have at least four people behind a counter and a really long queue, more than one should be serving. This is common sense.

3. When I buy hot chips, I expect them to be salted, or to at least be offered salt, or at the very extreme worst, be able to see some salt somewhere handy so I can pour it all over my chips. Having no salt at all just ruins the whole concept of selling hot chips.

4. Can you admit me straight away? I mean, you have an awesome library, a course I have no questions about, a wonderful campus, and everything's perfect for me. Please, care to just take me out of the hell of high school now?

5. But look, I'm shy at the best of times, and when I'm going to look at some residential college, I am particularly nervous. I want to feel like I'm welcomed and that I'm not intruding. If I can't even find your main entrance, I am going to panic and try to make my way back to the car out of the sight of anyone. That's exactly what I did at one residential college. So we just kept driving while I tried not to panic but instead totally lost my nerve and sat there shaking. I decided I had to go and have a look in one of the residential colleges, so we stopped by one of the other ones I liked the look of. This one had a readily identifiable entrance, and I'm sure the guy who took us for a look around could tell that I was really nervous and uncomfortable. He did a fantastic job of making me feel welcome, and not only was I at ease and smiling when I walked out, but I knew that's where I'm going to apply at. It was awesome and just totally perfect. I better be accepted. I'm up the creek if I'm not.

So all in all, besides my little nerve loss at one residential college, I had a bloody amazing time. The place is fantastic, it might as well be its own town, I felt like I was meant to be there, and it really was a good experience. Next year is going to be too awesome - university and a U2 tour!

Last night was my grade's formal. Am I sad I missed it? Better question: Am I proud I didn't waste the time or money? You bet I am. I feel sorry for all the people who went. I had a really good time at home doing ... well, nothing of note! That sure beats going to an irrelevant, frivolous, and entirely unnecessary social occasion that has no reason to exist.

I have fallen madly in love with Twilight. What a song! The way everything combines is just superb, and it's one of U2's somewhat forgotten early works of brilliance.

I hate it when I have my images of people tarnished. It's really not a good thing to do. The lesson in this? Don't smoke dope.

If ever any one of you has the chance to murder procrastination, please do so in the most painful yet swift manner. You will have my undying gratitude.

For the second week straight, South Africa were robbed in a game of rugby union. 30-26 to Australia. Now I didn't mind when NZ won (quite unjustly) last week because the All Blacks rule all and should win every game they play, but when it's Australia winning, it's really quite disappointing. It was an exciting game, but a South African victory would've been a whole lot better.

The Athens Olympics are right around the corner. I want to know if there's water in the pools, roofs on the houses, roads in a state of completion, and stadiums rather than pretty paintings of what the Greeks would've built if they could've.
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