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Ramblings at least somehow connected to Fahrenheit 9/11.

So, I saw Fahrenheit 9/11 earlier today. What an achievement for me! The last movie I saw was The Passion back in March. The fact I actually went to a movie is very startling indeed. While the rest of the grade is probably preparing for tonight's formal, I am out seeing a movie for the first time in forever, and what's more, a movie most of them are not likely to ever even want to see. If they do, I have my doubts that they will critically analyse it.

Anyway. One thing I can say about this movie is that it is truly remarkable. I've seem some people clap at the end of opening night presentations, but never at a showing after the opening day like this one was (I believe it opened last Thursday here). For the record, I was one of the ones who applauded. That said, I don't think the movie was perfect. Far from it, actually. I think at some points, Moore jumps too quickly from one topic to another, and not always topics that are connected. In addition, some of his claims seem a little stretched or forced, but then there are the ones that simply make you sit up and take notice. Whatever you do, you can't ignore the movie and if ever anything was to stir discussion, contemplation, and debate, that's it. If it does nothing else, I hope it prompts people to question their government more and not simply accept what they're told like mindless drones.

It is truly interesting how my political allegiances have changed greatly of late. By the way, if you're one of the Americans I've met who thinks that I have no right to comment on US politics simply because I don't live or wasn't born there, I advise you to skip right over this and instead go open your ignorant mind. With that out of the road, I'll discuss some thoughts. A couple of years ago, I was very pro-Bush and I wanted to see Iraq invaded. Basically, I would support and defend their every move like I see some people doing now. Then, slowly but surely, I started to question what I'd been told and what had been done. My views shifted, and I no longer have any support left at all for Bush or his administration. If you ask me, the man is an embarrassment and a disgrace to the USA. Not many people outside the US actually have any respect for him - he even manages to mess up his prepared speeches and sounds like a real drongo. When he doesn't have prepared answers, it's particularly embarrassing! I think he's pretty much the worst president the US has ever had, with his fervent desire to hunt down Saddam Hussein and his bumbling inefficiency in Afghanistan and all. I really did like Moore's point about Osama having a two month headstart. And considering what I've read and now seen about Bush and Co.'s business activities, it's true when people say "to Bush, it's not corruption, it's business."

I have become highly suspicious of Bush and I think the world would be a better place if he's ousted from office. I do not support or like the Democrat party, but if I lived in the US, I'd vote for Kerry simply because he's not Bush. In essence, I do not trust Bush, and I particularly do not trust him being in command of the world's most powerful military. I will mourn if he wins the upcoming election, and I feel sorry for Kerry if he wins, because then he'll be stuck with the Iraqi mess. It was a stupid war to begin with, or at least an abysmally planned one. What particularly bugs me is how some people want to transplant democracy and their concept of freedom to Iraq. It is quite clearly NOT GOING TO WORK. There's nothing sillier than imposing democracy upon a culture not receptive to it. The Brits really buggered things up when they drew national boundaries in the manner they saw fit, and I think now they should just get things over and done with. Create an independent Kurdistan, no matter how much it pisses Turkey off, give the Shi'ite south to Iran, and leave the central Sunni part as an independent Iraq. That would most likely cut down on a whole stack of problems.

It's interesting that someone who was once a conservative - indeed, I still identify myself as one and accuse some political parties and countries of bastardising what it means to be a conservative - now really has no sense of political belonging. I'm not a liberal, most certainly not. I'd never want that label, and while I continue to oppose abortion and gay marriage, I could never have it. However, I do not like what I see from conservativism and often find it to be narrow minded, ignorant, and arrogant, too focused on economic and self-gain for my liking. I was once fervently for capital punishment and wanted all illegal immigrants shipped out, but now I'm seriously questioning those views, or at least the illegal immigrants one. Rapists and child molestors are the scum of the earth and deserve nothing else than being castrated and shot. I can preach the forgiveness of Christ all day long, but try as I might, that forgiveness doesn't extend to a piece of shit who'll touch a child or rape some poor, innocent girl. I could never tolerate someone like that wasting oxygen.

I better stop here. I'm typing this entry instead of working on some stuff I'm meant to be doing, which is clearly a very bad thing.
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